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Share Your Memories

What are your favorite memories of the university? Describe your favorite professors, clubs, events, etc.

These memories may be published in UNCP Today, the alumni magazine, and/or posted on the 125th Anniversary Celebration web site and UNCP's social media sites.

Read the memories submitted below.

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Timmy Locklear '95

"I enrolled at UNCP in 1990 and graduated in December of 1994. My favorite memory of UNCP is hanging put in the Chavis Center. After class this was the place to go and meet with friends. The University Center was only a couple of years old at the time and had really big TV's and soft sofas. This was the perfect hangout spot! My favorite professor was Dr. Eliades in the History Department. He was a local citizen and could find a way to incorpoprate local history into any class that he was teaching. He also had a speaking voice that you could listen to all day long. His classes were always interesting even if he talked the entire class."

Rudy T. Locklear '06 '11, 2nd Vice President, UNCP Alumni Association

"I'll never forget that August morning I arrived on campus to start my pursuit of secondary education at UNCP. I am the first person in my family to go to college and at the time I would never admit it but I was scared to death. College was an instant love affair with me and enrolling at UNCP is one of the best decisions I have ever made. The idea of being able to see and speak with your professors each day was incredibly helpful. The classmates, courses, and clubs all shaped my extraordinary experience at UNCP. However, the above-and-beyond, sincere efforts put forth by the faculty and staffs were the real source of my education and they continue to give. It's in their names that I continue to serve the university as an active alumnus. I challenge today's faculty and administrators to take note. The wonderful friendships I made at UNCP and still have today. The ups and downs I went through during those years at UNCP made me a stronger person than I could have ever imagined. UNCP gave me more than just a great education but it gave me an identity that can never be taken from me and for that I say, 'Thank you.'"

Debora Locklear '07

"My best memories came while employed as a New Student Orientation Leader. I was honored to be involved with so many wonderful people such as John McMillian, Sharon Blue, and Debbie Chaves. John was an outstanding and gentle man, who I feel blessed so many just with his presence. The ladies behind the scene kept this program going. I met so many of my fellow students during the two seasons I worked and was blessed by knowing each and every one of them. It was great being up close and personal with the faculty and staff and being able to obtain many friendships that will last a lifetime. I love UNCP and all of its people!"

Chantay McLaughlin '95

"I loved the small classes. The professors really cared about each individual student. Also I loved being a part of the BSU. The many trips I took with the BSU I will never forget."

Megan Todd '07

"The major draw to UNCP was 'the personal touch' since I came from a small high school. My favorite professor, Dr. Larry Schultz, who was also my advisor, was driving through campus one day when he stopped his car and reminded me, as I was walking to the UC with friends, that my assignments were due for my online class. Where else can you get that at a college!"

Jessica Davis '08

"UNC Pembroke has a special place in my heart. I was the first in my family to attend college and, although the road was rocky and long, I was proud to be the first with a degree. Some of my fondest memories are of the staff that made being away from my family 100% easier to deal with. The friends I made while attending the university have become a second family. I am thankful to UNC Pembroke for showing me that I can achieve excellence if I focused and believed in myself. I am now proud to have two family members who have decided to attend the university for their undergraduate education."


"One of my favorite funny memories from college classes happened during my senior year. Our professor had been late that day and we knew he had been sick a lot recently. Everyone was worried and we were all talking about trying to find out how he was! So there was extra noise going into the hall, as it was a practice never to close the door unless the professor had arrived. All at once a professor from a classroom nearby came in and went to the chalkboard. We assumed he was going to hold class or give us an update. He simply wrote this on the board....MAGPIES, and stormed out slamming the door behind him. We all cracked up. Teachers are teachers and they want it quiet. To this day if folks around me are getting too loud, I think of that day, and my professors. Only one of many great memories from my time at PSU."

Updated: Friday, May 11, 2012

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