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small purchase orders

Business Services Policy  PC 02 95

Purpose: This policy outlines the delegation of authority to departments to purchase small quantities of items (under $750) not available under existing contracts using the Small Purchase Order form.

Where to Obtain Forms: Purchasing Department of Business Services.

Conditions of Using the Form: Procedures for making small purchases must include sufficient controls to insure proper protection of funds, provide for adequate audit trail, and insure that small purchase authorizations are not used to circumvent normal purchasing practices. Departments may buy very limited quantities of supplies/materials where the normal method would result in excessive costs in relation to the value of material or to buy sundry services. The Small Purchase Order process follows the same guidelines for all other purchases in regards to proper use of account numbers, object codes, and funds. This excludes:

Central Stores items
Equipment (5xxx object codes)
State Contract items
Printing jobs

Information regarding Central Stores inventory may be obtained by calling Central Stores at ext. 6346. Information on State Contract items may be obtained by calling any buyer in the Purchasing Department.

Orders may not be split in order to fall under the non-competitive dollar threshold. The Purchasing Department is delegating authority to the using departments to procure items under the non-competitive threshold. As with any delegation, this may be retracted if found to be abused. Departments are not required to use this form and may send any requisitions for local vendors to the Purchasing Department for processing.

Where to Send the Completed Forms: The completed form should be taken to the requested vendor. Copies of the form are to be distributed as follows:

White: Give to Vendor
Pink: Departmental Copy
Yellow: Send to Purchasing Department
Gold: Send to Accounts Payable with Receipt Attached

Instructions: The form should be typed and the numbered items followed for completing the Small Purchase Order as listed below.

l. Vendor Name: Type vendor's name
2. Taxpayer ID#: Ask vendor to fill this in
3. Address: Street address or P.O. Box of vendor
4. City/State/Zip Code: Type in appropriate information
5. Account No.: Type in your account number that will be charged. If you are splitting account numbers, use ACCOUNT NO. 1, 2, 3, 4 as needed. NOTE: YOU CAN ONLY SPLIT ACCOUNTS WITHIN THE SAME FUND. Split accounts must be made in percentages that total 100%. Example: 2 accounts at 50% each or 4 accounts at 25% each.
6. % (field): If only one (1) account number is used, type in 100. If splitting accounts, type the appropriate percentage. NOTE: This is the same procedure as used on regular requisitions (refer to the Online Requisition manual.)
7. $ (field): Use this field only if splitting account numbers and it's not an even percentage split.
8. Item No.: Type the line item number; i.e., 001, 002).
9. Quantity: Type the quantity being ordered.
10. Unit: Type the unit of measure being ordered (i.e.: ea, lot, dz).
11. Description: Type a good description of the item being ordered. Include stock #, manufacturer, etc. where known.
12. Unit Price: Type in a unit price. Departments should call vendor for a price if not known.
13. Extension: Total of Quantity multiplied by the Unit Price.
14. Tax: Figure the tax at 6%.
15. Total: Total of all line items plus the 6% tax.
16. Department Name: Type in the department name.
17. Approved By: Signature of department head or person(s) authorized to sign for account.
18. Received By: Signature of person picking merchandise up and date received.

Updated: Wednesday, December 11, 2013

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