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personal use of univeristy fax services

Business Services Policy: PC 04 96

Purpose: To provide individual access to FAX machines through a personal FAX service policy.

Where to Obtain Service: The Campus Post Office located in the Central Services building.


1.   General Statement. The Campus Post Office provides a cash FAX service for personal use by individuals. Use of all other campus FAX machines is limited to official University business.

2.   Fax Service Fees and Payment. Personal use of the FAX is available on a cash basis. The FAX rates are posted at the Campus Post Office counter and will be provided over the telephone upon request. Payment must be made at the Campus Post Office upon receipt of the fax. No payment will be accepted through the campus mail.

3.   Location and FAX number for Personal FAX service. FAX services for personal use are available via the Campus Post Office. Outgoing messages can be sent and incoming messages can be picked up at this location. The FAX number at the Campus Post Office is (910) 521-6847. All incoming personal FAX messages should be sent to this number.

4.   Call Service. The Campus Post Office provides a call service for students, faculty, and staff when incoming FAX messages of a personal nature are received and information is available regarding the location of the recipient. If a student cannot be contacted via the telephone, a message will be left in the student's post office box informing the student that a FAX message has been received.

As a general rule, an incoming message should include the following information:

Students: Name
               Campus phone number or local number
               UNCP box number or local address

Faculty/Staff: Name
                    Department/building/room number
                    Campus extension

Updated: Wednesday, December 11, 2013

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