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Dr. Janette Hopper's Art Students Create Colorful Sketchings of the Microscopic Realm (October 2010)

Dr. Hopper's students spent two afternoons sketching pictures of living organisms and of prepared slides as seen through a microscope, courtesy of the Biology Department. Students participating in the effort were: Jeremy Armstrong, Amber Fillhart, Carolina Choi, Allison Ellis, Amber Davis, Johnion Hunt, Robert  Lipscomb, Rebecca Lowry, James McRae, and Alexis Padilla. Select pictures from their collection now grace a bulletin board on the second floor of the Oxendine Science Building. Jeremy Armstrong's picture won selection for the Biology Department's permanent art collection, and Amber Filhart's picture was selected as runner up.

Artists: Jeremy Armstrong (upper left) and Allison Ellis (upper right)

Artists: Amber Davis (upper left) and Carolina Choi (upper right)
Artwork artwork
Artists: Johnion Hunt (upper left) and Robert  Lipscomb (upper right)

artwork Artwork
Artists: Amber Fillhart (upper left) and Rebecca Lowry (upper right)


Artwork Artwork
Artists: Alexis Padilla (upper left) and James McRae (upper right)


Artist: Johnion Hunt

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Updated: Tuesday, November 23, 2010

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