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Biology Students Display Posters During PURC Symposium
(April 2012)

Photo of Andrew Sutton Photo of Jordan Smink Photo of Jaclyn Woods

More than 100 students from across campus presented their research and creative works during the annual Pembroke Undergraduate Research and Creativity (PURC) Symposium, held on Friday, 20 April 2012, in the University Center Annex. Several students in the Biology Department presented, their topics ranging from the effects of biochar on pesticide uptake, to the activity of amphibians, to the effects of ultrasound on tomato germination.

Many of the research projects were financially supported by the PURC Center or the Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement (RISE) Program. This is at least the sixth consecutive year in which the PURC Center has held a symposium.

Photo of Dr. Lee PhillipsThe PURC Center is governed by the PURC Council, which is headed by Dr. Lee Phillips (pictured to the left) of the Department of Geology and Geography. The Center "supports and promotes inquiry, discovery and creativity in scholarship and the arts through mentored research experiences with faculty and other regional, national and international scholars and professionals."

PURC Symposium awards were given in: 1) Art, 2) Business, Social and Behavioral Sciences, 3) Humanities and Mass Communications, and in the 4) Sciences.

Photo of Austin Griffin (right) Photo of Jasmine Rowlett (left) Photo of David Blake and Aubrey Swett

According to the PURC Center website, the 2012 awards in the Sciences were given to:


1st: Austin Griffin and Nathan Riddell, Size Distribution and Bandgap Energy Calculations of Quantum Dots Based on Fluorescence and Transmission Electron Microscopy, Faculty Advisor: Dr. William Brandon

2nd: Anna Sanford and Darryl Mott, Sedimentological and Pedogenic Characterization of Rim Sands associated with the Jones Lake Carolina Bay, Bladen County, North Carolina, Faculty Advisors: Drs. Lee Phillips and Eric Wright (CCU)

Honorable Mention:
Sarah Arcara and Ashley Leviner, Animal Kidney Stone Analysis, Faculty Advisors: Mrs. Shanna Harrelson, Drs. Siva Mandjiny and Lee Phillips

Trey Archer and Rebecca F. Panter, TMAH-catalyzed Biodiesel Production for Greater Energy Independence, Faculty Advisor: Dr. Rachel Smith

Jasmine Rowlett, Aquatic & terrestrial activity in an anuran community, Faculty Advisor: Dr. John H. Roe

Photo of Austin Griffin Photo of PURC Symposium Photo of LA Hudson and Dr. David Zeigler

Photo of Jaclyn Woods and Jordan Smink Photo of Dr. John Roe Photo of Vivian Anunobi

Some photos are courtesy of Stephanie Presnal

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Updated: Thursday, May 24, 2012

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