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how do i use the bravescard?

How do I put money on the card?

How do I purchase Pepsi/snacks?

  • Insert your card into one of the Pepsi machines that has a reader (not all Pepsi machines have readers).
  • Your balance will be displayed, if ok, it will instruct you to make a selection
  • Make your drink selection
  • Wait...the balance on your card will be updated.

How do I wash clothes using the card?

  • Put clothes in the washing machine, load your detergent
  • Go to the laundry controller
  • Insert card, it will ask for the machine number, enter the appropriate number
  • It will ask you to press START, which is the # key. 
  • The machine will then start and you can make your fabric & water selections

What about using the copiers?

  • Swipe your card thru the pagecounter that is attached to the copier.
  • Your current balance will be shown.
  • Select the number of copies you will like to make from copier keypad.
  • Once copies are made remaining balance will be displayed on the copier reader.

Updated: Tuesday, January 14, 2014

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