2011-12 CATALOG



Director: Michael Menefee

The School of Business offers students the opportunity to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a track in Entrepreneurship.



Requirements for a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration:

Entrepreneurship Track

Sem. Hrs.

Freshman Seminar


General Education, including: MAT 1070 and 2150 or 2210, ECN 2020, 2030


BSBA Common Body of Knowledge

DSC 2090, BLAW 2150; ACC 2270, 2280; DSC 3130, 3140; MGT 3030, 3060; MKT 3120, FIN 3100; ECN 3010 or ECN/FIN 3040; ITM 3010; MGT 4410, 4660; and ONE of the following six courses: BLAW 3160, ECN 2410, ECN 4400, FIN 4210, MGT 3150, or MKT 3130*


Entrepreneurship Track: MGMT 4100, FIN 3000, ENTR 4000, and any two of the following: MGT 3090, 3150, MKT 3130, 3200, 4050, 4200, FIN 3050, 4180, ITM 3200, ART/BRD/MUS 3800, MUS 3580, MCM 3600, REC 4160, 4400


Business Electives (3000 or 4000 level)**


General Electives***




                  *A study-abroad program approved by the department chair and the dean/assistant dean may replace this requirement.    

**BLAW 3180 highly recommended as a Business Elective

***ART 2560 highly recommended as a General Elective for web-based businesses






The Entrepreneurship Certificate Program (ECP) provides UNCP students in good standing from all majors the opportunity to learn how to start and manage their own businesses.  The ECP consists of five courses (15 hours) in a 2-2-1 format.  The first course (ENTR 2000) in the program covers business start-ups.  The second course (ENTR 2100) covers business sustainability.  The next two designated courses are from the major field of the student, of 3000 or higher level, with departmental approval and determined before the student matriculates in this program.  The last course (ENTR 4000) helps the student create a comprehensive business plan.  An entrepreneurship certificate will be granted after the successful completion of the program provided the student has a "C" average in the major courses and a "C" average in the Entrepreneurship courses.


Requirements for an Entrepreneurship Certificate

Sem. Hrs.

Required ENTR Courses:  ENTR 2000, 2100, 4000


Other Required Courses:  Two 3000- or higher-level courses in the student’s major field, with departmental approval



Total: 15



Entrepreneurship Minor


The minor in entrepreneurship provides students the opportunity to learn how to start and manage their own businesses.  The minor consists of six courses (18 hours).  The first two courses in the minor cover business start-up (ENTR 2000) and sustainability (ENTR 2100).  The next three courses focus on marketing (MKT 3120), finance (FIN 3000), and law (BLAW 2150).  The last course (ENTR 4000) in strategy helps the student create a comprehensive business plan.


Requirements for an Entrepreneurship Minor

Sem. Hrs.

Required Courses:  ENTR 2000, 2100, 4000, BLAW 2150, MKT 3120, FIN 3000



Total: 18





ENTR 2000. Innovation

This course emphasizes starting a new business venture. Topics covered include taking an idea, product, or service to a business venture, finding initial financing, doing marketing research, picking a business structure, defining operations and methods, finding a location, and staffing of the business.  Credit, 3 semester hours.

ENTR 2100. Growth and Sustainability

This course emphasizes sustaining a new business venture. Topics covered include marketing for growth, finding growth financing, developing a long term business strategy, improving business operations, managing human resources, understanding basic legal issues, and protecting intellectual property. Credit, 3 semester hours.  Prerequisite:  ENTR 2000. 

ENTR 4000. Planning and Strategy

This course for the ECP and Minor in Entrepreneurship programs will let the students create entrepreneurial ventures.  The emphasis here is to allow the students with faculty supervision to create plans and develop products and/or services for a viable business entity.  Credit, 3 semester hours.  Prerequisite:  ENTR 2100 or MGT 4100.