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Contact Information

College Opportunity Program
PO Box 1510
Pembroke, NC 28372

Phone: 910.521.6223

Relay: 910.521.6223

Location: D.F. Lowry, Room 124
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About the Program

About the Program

The College Opportunity Program (COP) is designed to admit a limited number of students who meet most, but not all, of The University of North Carolina at Pembroke's admission requirements. Ideally, these would be students who are motivated to attend college and who have better than average high school grades, but whose standardized test scores may not meet regular admission requirements. These students join a special cohort group and take Composition and Freshman Seminar classes together. They also preregister for classes with the guidance of the COP staff at one of the New Student Orientations.

During the fall semester, COP students will enroll in ENG 0104, Written Communication Skills, a course designed to strengthen writing skills. The COP faculty also serve as the students' advisors. Students come for advisement conferences every two weeks and a close mentoring relationship is established. Instructors offer Writing Labs each week, where students can revise papers and develop their writing skills. When a COP student finishes ENG 1060, provided he/she has the necessary GPA to continue at the University, his/her status becomes the same as a regularly admitted student.

Admission to the Program

Students must first apply to the University through the Office of Admissions. If qualified, they will then be recommended to the College Opportunity Program.

Updated: Wednesday, December 10, 2013

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