ECN 2410. Asian Economies

This is an introductory level course focusing on the economic systems of Asian countries, which despite diverse history, culture, politics, and society have demonstrated one similarity: rapid economic growth. The course reviews patterns of economic growth among Asian countries, highlighting institutional differences within Asia and between Asian countries and the United States, and studying the global consequences of Asian economic expansion. Countries discussed will be selected from the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent, and Southeast and North Asia. China and Japan will be discussed in depth. Particular attention is paid to successes and failures of government policies in promoting economic growth in the region, and the role of culture in shaping such policies. Economic theories such as comparative advantage and growth models will be utilized to analyze the reasons for success of certain countries and the stagnation of others. The role of the market system as well as cultural and legal factors will be studied in addressing the similarities and differences among such economies. Credit, 3 semester hours.