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Pembroke, NC 28372

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General Education Course Requirements: (44 hours total)

For some majors, certain courses may count toward both General Education and Major requirements. Some courses have prerequisites. Course substitutions are not allowed. Ask your advisor for assistance in selecting appropriate courses.


I. Communication Skills 6 or 9 hours
II. Academic Content and Skills 30 hours
  A) Arts and Humanities Division 12 hours
  B) Social Science Division 9 hours.
  C) Natural Sciences and Mathematics Division 9 hours
III. Physical Education and Wellness 2 hours
IV. General Education Program Electives 6 hours, or 3 hours
if SPE 1020 required
  A) Foreign Language Option  
  B) Arts and Humanities Division  
  C) Social Science Division  
  D) Natural Sciences and Mathematics Division  



III. Physical Education and Wellness (2 hours)

Choose two of the following courses (each 1 semester hour).

PED 1010 Wellness and Fitness PED 1410 Physical Conditioning
PED 1300 Fitness Walking PED 1450 Volleyball
PED 1310 Archery PED 1460 Weight Training
PED 1320 Badminton PED 1770 Advanced Physical Conditioning
PED 1330 Golf PED 1790 Aerobic Dance
PED 1340 Swimming PED (MSC) 1800 Military Physical Training
PED 1350 Tennis PED (THE) 1810 Stage Dance I
PED 1360 Soccer PED (THE) 1820 Stage Dance II
PED 1370 Bowling PED 1900 Outdoor Fitness
PED 1380 Rhythms & Dance PED 1910 Indoor Cycling
PED 1390 Racquetball PED 1950 Water Aerobics

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IV. General Education Program Electives (6 or 3 hours if SPE 1020 required)

Choose two additional courses from those listed below. These two courses must be from different divisions except for the foreign language option. Students who take SPE 1020 for Basic Skills take 3 hours of electives, which may not be SPE 2000 or SPE 2010.

(A) Foreign Language Option: Students electing the foreign language option MUST complete two courses of the same foreign language to satisfy the Program Electives area of General Education.

FRH 1310, 1320 Elementary French  
FRH 2310, 2320 Intermediate French Prerequisite: FRH 1310, 1320 or two units of high school French
GER 1310, 1320 Elementary German  
GER 2310, 2320 Intermediate German Prerequisite: GER 1310, 1320 or 2 units of high school German
ITL 1310, 1320 Elementary Italian  
SPN 1310, 1320 Elementary Spanish  
SPN 2310, 2320 Intermediate Spanish Prerequisite: SPN 1310, 1320; two units of high school Spanish; or permission of instructor.
XXX 1310, 1320 Introductory Foreign Language Study  
XXX 2310, 2320 Intermediate Foreign Language Study Prerequisite: Completion of the 1310-1320
sequence or two high school units of the specified language.

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(B) Arts and Humanities Division Elective

American Indian Studies

Course Title
AIS 1010 Introduction to American Indian Studies  


Fine Arts

Course Title