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Division of Information Technology
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Email: Location: D.F. Lowry Building, Room 110

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WWW Best Practices

The Web server should not be used as a storage device. Only upload material that can be browsed to and used by your Web site's users. Maintenance of a Web site is an important and ongoing project which includes not only uploading new material, but removing dated material and making sure what is loaded is readable/usable. Remove any file that doesn't pertain to your project, any duplicate files, any file that is unreadable to users (Test your files before you upload). To test your file in Dreamweaver use the F12 key after you have saved your work. This will give you an idea of how your page will be viewed from the web. Video files can be very large files. Edit your video files to just include the "meat" of your lecture cutting out such things as students taking their seats and announcements that pertain only to those particular students and not future viewers. Video files should be kept short remembering download time for your users, especially those on dial-up.

Every Web site should have a homepage with links to your various material. DoIT training staff Melanie Jacobs can help you with this. Also, the University Web Publisher Lawrence Locklear provides assistance to departments and campus groups in developing Web sites. He has a template available for use by departments. For more information contact Melanie at or 910.521.6505; or Lawrence at or 910.521.6820.


Updated: Thursday, February 25, 2010


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