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1. Obtain a Web Account

To obtain a UNCP Web account, print the Web Account Application (pdf). Return completed form to DoIT.

Group Accounts: If you are applying for access to your departmental Web page place a check mark after "Group" on the application and identify the department on the "Group Name" line. You must obtain the Web Information Coordinator's signature to be added to any existing Group account. If you wish to set up a new Group webpage, check "Group," enter the name you wish to use for the group on the "Group Name" line and be sure to check the box tht will designate you as the Web Information Coordinator. Anyone else wishing to have access to that site's files will need to get your signature to do so.

Upon approval of your application, you will receive your Web account username, password and URL.

  • Personal page URL will be

  • Departmental page URL will be


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2. Design Your Web Page

Creation of Web sites at UNCP is governed by UNCP's Web Page Polices and Procedures.

There are many tools available for creating Web pages. Currently, DoIT supports Dreamweaver as the standard Web page editor. Dreamweaver makes creating and publishing Web pages easy. Netscape Composer and Visual Page may also be used to create Web pages. Paint Shop Pro 5 is great for creating Web page graphics and images. For online help with Dreamweaver, Visual Page, or Paint Shop Pro 5, visit DoIT's online resources. You might also want to take a computer training workshop taught by User Services, a division of DoIT. For a schedule of training classes visit the DoIT training page.

Some general guidelines for creating pages at UNCP:

  • The main page for the Web page and subsequent forlders should be named "index.html." The Web server looks for "index.html" as the main page in a folder.
  • Design your page to the "lowest denominator." There is a variety of Web browsers in use and not all support the latest features. It is a good idea to be sure your pages are presentable when viewed with a basic browser even if you use advanced features. Also, test how your page would look with a 640x480 desktop resolution compared to a 800x600 desktop resoultion.
  • Visit Creative Resources page for the UNCP logo and other graphics
    • If you see a great graphic or background on another page, make sure you ask before using it. It may be easy to download, but many images are copyrighted and can't be used on a page without permission.
  • At the bottom of each page, include:
    • Date when the page was last updated (Mandatory)
    • E-mail address of person responsible for page (Mandatory)
    • Department name with link to Web page
    • Copyright with year
    • Link to UNCP homepage
    • An example:

      Last Update: 04/01/2008 | Comments to:
      The Division of Information Technology
      Copyright © 2008 UNC Pembroke

  • Since you are responsible for any files which you upload to the Web server, its a good idea to protect your password.
  • Anyone on the Web can easily download files which you place on a Web server. So be sure you don't make confidential information available.
  • All pages on the UNCP Web site are subject to all federal and state laws, including copyright and trademark laws, as well as to university policy.
  • All use of university equipment must be for university-related business and can not be for personal gain.

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3. Upload Your Pages To The Web Server

Once your pages have been uploaded to the Web server, they will be instantly available to anyone, anywhere on the Web. After uploading your files, its a good idea to check their appearance one last time to make sure everything went well. To use Visual Page to upload your page, click the upload button upload in the project window.

Visit AbsoluteFTP to read the directions for uploading the Web pages you have created using AbsoluteFTP.

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