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DoIT provides any assistance you may need. Please contact Melanie Jacobs at or 910.521.6505. To obtain a Web template please contact Lawrence Locklear at or 910.521.6820.

UNCP gold color
  • RGB: Red 255, Green 204, Blue 0
Brave logo
  • Hex (html): FFCCOO
UNCP logos and other images
UNCP logo


Creating the UNCP Gold Color

The following steps for creating the UNC Pembroke gold can be used in Visual Page and Paint Shop Pro. The following images are from Visual Page, however, the images will be similar in Paint Shop Pro or other programs.

UNCP gold color
UNCP gold color
Click the button to change your text color or apply a color to your table background.
text color for Visual Page
When the menu opens, you will see various colors.
color pallet
Click the custom button.
When the box opens, you will see "Basic Colors" and "Custom Colors."
Basic Colors
To the right of "Custom Colors," you will see six boxes, including "Red, Green and Blue."
Custom Colors
In the "Red" box, type 255.
In "Green" box, type 204.
In the "Blue" box, type 0.
The UNCP gold will then appear with the "Custom Colors."
Set Gold
Now select the UNCP gold. Click OK. The UNCP gold will be applied to your selected text or table.
From this point on, when you wish to use the UNCP gold, select from the custombutton where you change your text color.  
When the color box opens, select the UNCP gold from"Custom Colors." Then click ok. The UNCP gold will be applied to your selected text or table.
Set Gold


Updated: Thursday, February 25, 2010


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