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Identity Theft Prevention Check List

Click here to download a MS Word file.

Be on the alert for the following, report to supervisor if discovered.

Notifications and Warnings from Consumer Reporting Agencies

  • Report of fraud accompanying a credit report;
  • A credit agency notice of a credit freeze or active duty alert on an applicant;
  • Notice of address discrepancy with a credit report request; and
  • Credit report of activity that is inconsistent with an applicant's usual pattern or activity.

Suspicious Documents

  • Identification document or card that appears to be forged, altered or inauthentic;
  • Photograph or physical description is not consistent with the person presenting the document;
  • Other document with information that is not consistent with existing individual information; and
  • Application for service that appears to have been altered or forged.

Suspicious Personal Identifying Information

  • Inconsistent identifying information with other information provided (example: inconsistent birth dates);
  • Inconsistent information with other sources of information (example: an address not matching an address on a loan application);
  • Information presented is the same as information shown on other applications that were found to be fraudulent;
  • Identifying Information presented that is consistent with fraudulent activity (examples: an invalid phone number or fictitious billing address);
  • Social security number presented that is the same as one given by another individual;
  • A person fails to provide complete personal Identifying Information on an application when reminded to do so; and
  • A person's Identifying Information is not consistent with the information that is on file for the individual.

Suspicious Covered Account Activity

  • Change of address for an account followed by a request to change the individual’s name;
  • Payments stop on an otherwise consistently up-to-date account;
  • Account used in a way that is not consistent with prior use;
  • Mail sent to the customer is returned repeatedly as undeliverable, although the customer continues to accrue changes on the covered account;
  • Notice to the University that an account has unauthorized activity;
  • Breach in the University's computer system security; and
  • Unauthorized access to or use of individual account information.

Alerts from Others

  • Notice to the University from an individual, Identity Theft victim, law enforcement or other person that the University has opened or is maintaining a fraudulent account for a person engaged in Identity Theft.


Updated: Friday, December 4, 2009


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