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Departmental supervisor responsibilities

Click here to download a MS Word file.

A training course for Identity Theft Prevention is also available in Blackboard and is accessible by faculty and staff.

Staff Training

The management of those departments responsible for covered accounts will insure that staff playing a key role in identifying, detecting, resolving and reporting identity theft are appropriately trained and updated as necessary in the detection of Red Flags and the responsive steps to be taken when a Red Flag is detected. The Division of Information Technology will facilitate information dissemination and training materials for management concerning this policy.



The Management of those departments responsible for covered accounts shall report to University Legal Counsel at least annually on compliance by the University with this Program. The report shall address matters such as the effectiveness of the policies and procedures of the University in addressing the risk of Identity Theft in connection with the opening of Covered Accounts and with respect to existing Covered Accounts; Service Provider arrangements; significant incidents involving Identity Theft and the University's response; and recommendations for material changes to the Program.

  • Identity Theft Red Flag Warning Incident Report form: A form for supervisors to report Red Flag Warning notices. Email the form to
  • Identity Theft Red Flag Yearly Report form: A form for supervisors to complete their yearly report. Email the form to


Service Provider Arrangements

In the event the University engages a Service Provider to perform an activity in connection with one or more Covered Accounts, the University will take the following steps to ensure the Service Provider performs its activity in accordance with reasonable policies and procedures designed to detect, prevent and mitigate the risk of Identity Theft.

Require, by signed contract, that Service Providers agree to comply with all applicable federal, state and local statutes, rules and regulations, or similar language.


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