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Tuesday, September 14, 2005

Faculty Senate Academic Support Committee Report

Automatic Student Feed to Library System

DoIT, in collaboration with the staff of Samson-Livermore library and information technology staff of UNCW have installed an application which automatically feeds student account information into the library circulation system. UNCP library staff members no longer have to manually enter the information to create a library account for students.

An “I” Can Be Assigned

There have been rumors to come about that an Incomplete can not be assigned for online courses through Blackboard without having to re-register for that particular course the next semester. That rumor is in fact false. Students can receive an “I” on Blackboard without re-registering. In the Blackboard system the course remains live for the next semester if there is not a grade assign to it. The instructor needs to notify the DoIT Center that an “I” was assigned and to leave the course open. So there is no need for students to register for the class again the following semester if he/she is going to receive an “I”.

Official Student E-mail Addresses

The DoIT has been researching the idea of making student e-mail addresses the official communication to students. Currently the University spends thousands of dollars on postage for letters to be sent out to students. We can save money if we converted all mail to electronic. This step will make the students responsible for checking their student e-mail and take advantage of the system that is set up. Students could keep their own personal accounts but it would be their responsibility to transfer the mail. Dr. Maurice Mitchell has a scheduled a meeting with the Student Organization to get their input on the matter. Student Affairs and the Academic Council has already endorsed the decision.

SRMC-BSN Facility

The Bachelor of Science Nursing Program has an on-site location at the Southeastern Regional Medical Center in Lumberton. The initial moving process is expected to be completed by the end of this week. The Program will house its clinical studies in the old education building behind the hospital. Student classes will begin in January at the Hospital.

DoIT Lab has Moved

The DoIT Lab that was located in room 256 of the Old Main Building has moved. The new location for the Lab will be in the Oxendine Building room 2202. (Don’t even ask about the confusion over the room number, but I just went up and looked and the latest signs say 2202.) The new location will increase the station size from 14 to 32 (It will hold 40, but Tom thought we should start with 32, you may need to ask him) and provide more room for larger groups. The DoIT Lab is used for training for both faculty and student as well as an open lab for students and instructors. The Lab will be up and running in the near future.

Moving Ahead with Banner

The Banner system is underway. The five component system is made up of: Finance, Human Resources, Admissions, Financial Aide, and Student Services; and we are gradually moving forward with the process. This process is expected to take up to four years to complete. We currently are working on the Finance and Human Resources components. The process of updating our current system will take approximately 18- 24 months. The Banner Student system is eventually going to take the place of our current outdated system which is a source of record keeping for students’ progress.

Moving Complete?

The DoIT Center has successfully completed the electronic moving process for the Dial Building, Oxendine Building, the Regional Center the West Office Building and the two completed areas of the PE building. We still are working on fine tuning the Oxendine Building with equipment for two office modules along with faculty offices.

However, the Dial Building is up and running as scheduled. The Regional Center which was previous located at the old Subway in Pembroke has found a new home at the Comtech Center. The Regional Center is equipped with a new computer lab along with a modern facility. The old Regional Center is now known as the West Office Building and is the home of the International Affairs Office. The International Affairs Office was previously located in Old Main.

Bravetechs Find a New Home

The BraveTech technicians and the student lab managers are moving to Jacobs Hall, upstairs in suite Q. The move is still in the process and will be the home of the Desktop support and other technician student workers. The Help Desk will remain in the Computing Center.

5 Year Plan Ready for Viewing

The DoIT Center has posted its 2004-2009 five year plan for viewing on their website The new documents are listed under Planning- Long Range Plan: 2004-2009. This site will explain the goals and objectives that the DoIT Center has in mind for the future. It also documents the goals for the 2004-2005 year.

Blackboard Policy Reminder

The Policy for access privilege on Blackboard is being reviewed by the School of Business and the School of Education. This policy will determine who would have the authority to visit online classes as well as who can give that authority. The final product will be submitted to the Faculty Senate later on this year for approval.


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