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Tuesday, October 14, 2005

Faculty Senate Academic Support Committee Report

Official Student E-mail

The DoIT has been researching the idea of making student e-mail addresses the official communication to students. This step will make the students responsible for checking their student e-mail and take advantage of the system that is set up. Students could keep their own personal accounts but it would be their responsibility to transfer the mail. Student Affairs and the Academic Council has already endorsed the decision. Dr. Mitchell has now met with the Student Organization and has received their endorsement. DoIT and Student Affairs will begin work on implementation.

Lab computers to be recycled

DoIT is the throes of ordering new lab computers. Approximately 1/3 of the lab computers are replaced with the latest model each year. This insures that all lab computers are 3 years or less old, and that students are working on current technology. This year’s replacements will be installed over the holiday break following finals in December.

Replaced lab computers are then made available to staff offices to replace older equipment.

Blackboard Usage Report (Attached)

Data regarding Blackboard usage has been tabulated, along with some interpretation, and has been released to the Deans Council. The snapshot of the activity for Fall 2004 was made on September 23rd. The other data are from the end of the respective terms.

Bravetechs Find a New Home

The BraveTech technicians and the student lab managers are still moving to Jacobs Hall, upstairs in suite Q. The move is still in the process and will be the home of the Desktop support and other technician student workers. The Help Desk will remain in the Computing Center.


Summary of Recent Blackboard Course Management System Usage
As of September, 2004

Fall 2003
Spring 2004
Fall 2004
Total Blackboard Courses
Total Online Courses
Ave Page Views Per Day
Total Instructors (unduplicated)
Total Students (unduplicated)
UNCP Total Enrollment
UNCP Total Courses
UNCP Total Sections (incl. Cross-listed)


  • From fall 2003 to fall 2004 there has been a 43.5% increase in the number of courses that use Blackboard in some fashion. It is important to point out that one Blackboard course may incorporate several courses and/or sections of a course.
  • For example, the Blackboard course CRJ-SOC-SWK-384-01-F04 has students from three courses CRJ-384-01, SOC-384-01, and SWK-384-01; the Blackboard course MGT-381-382-383-384-01-F04 combines four courses, MGT-381-01, MGT-382-01, MGT-383-01, and MGT-384-01; the Blackboard course ENG-105-03-04-10-29-F04 combines four sections (03,04,10 and 29) of the same course ENG-105; and the Blackboard course FIN-418-521-01 combines both FIN-418-01 and FIN-521-01. These are just a few examples. We have 30 such courses this fall.
  • In the same time span, there has been a 50% increase in the number of completely online courses using Blackboard.
  • Arguably, the most significant statistic is that this fall there is a daily average of approximately 75,000 page views, a 117.4% increase from a year ago. What this really says is that Blackboard is being more heavily used in the courses: it’s not just for email and syllabus sharing anymore. Faculty are relying upon this medium to a far greater extent.
  • This semester we have 197 faculty members (both full and part time – total 330) using Blackboard. That represents 59.7% of the faculty.
  • The above number may be skewed slightly by the fact that the Total Instructors (unduplicated) count includes any user with instructor status, which includes test accounts, training accounts, assistants (graduate students, secretaries, etc.) who also have instructor status. However, the impact should not be great.
  • While we don’t have statistics for previous terms, we have recorded that 73.8% of the enrolled student this term are in at least one course section that is using Blackboard.
  • During fall 2003, 13.7% of the course sections used Blackboard. That swelled to 15.7% of the sections in the spring. This fall, 19.7% are employing Blackboard. Combining this statistic with the fact that nearly ¾ of the students are using Blackboard suggests that usage is very disperse, spread well across the university curriculum.


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