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Tuesday, November 9, 2005

Faculty Senate Academic Support Committee Report

Official Student E-mail

The DoIT has been researching the idea of making student e-mail addresses the official communication to students. This step will make the students responsible for checking their student e-mail and take advantage of the system that is set up. Students could keep their own personal accounts but it would be their responsibility to transfer the mail. Student Affairs and the Academic Council has already endorsed the decision. DoIT and Student Affairs have begun work on a draft policy. When the draft is in suitable state, it will be shared with various constituencies for review and comment.

Lab computers to be recycled

DoIT is the throes of ordering new lab computers. According to Maureen Windmeyer, “Once exams end we move into the labs. We are replacing 180 lab machines over the Christmas break in 12 existing labs and setting up one new lab. After the old machines are moved out, the new machines are set up and then every machine receives the image that we have created. Approximately 100 of the replaced machines will be moved to labs and classrooms with even older machines. That is 100 more machines that need to be dismantled and moved so that the redeployed machines can be set up. Then those machines must be imaged for their new location.”

UNC Cause

Maurice Mitchell presented the Educause Core Data Service while Tom Jackson, Kevin Pait, and Lee Ann Storm (NCITS) presented the UNCP VoIP project to UNC Cause at its 2004 annual conference in Boone, NC, on Tuesday, Oct. 5.


Technical training has begun on the student information system modules of the Banner system. The first module is the admissions module, to be followed by the financial aid module and student records. Please be kind to the folks in those offices as they weather the next year and a half!


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