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Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Faculty Senate Academic Support Committee Report

Teaching and Learning with Technology Collaborative – Annual conference

The 2006 TLTC Conference will again be held at the North Raleigh Hilton. Dates are March 15 – 17. The deadline for proposals was October 17. A total of 5 proposals were submitted from UNCP. Proposal review and selection is underway. Notification of successful proposals is expected before the winter break. This year, as in years past, the Distance Education unit under Dr. Charles Tita plans to sponsor a limited number of attendees.

Computer Replacement

194 lab computers will be replaced with new equipment during the Winter break. This will cause a “ripple” of replacements as we use the replaced equipment to advantage (expected net moves are 194 x 3). We will also replace outdated faculty computers beginning after we complete the lab refreshes (51 computers).

IT Career banding

IT positions in state agencies and state supported educational institutions in North Carolina are transitioning from the old style personnel classification system to a career banded classification system. UNCP has completed the definition of competencies and “slotting” of positions (the conversion table from old to new classifications). Recasting of position descriptions remains. In a sense, IT employees (both within DoIT and in other units) are in personnel system limbo for the time being.


UNCP is installing generator-based alternative electrical power sources for BA/Education and Lumbee Hall. When these units come online, DoIT facilities in the BA building and Lumbee Hall will be able to operate through a campus electrical outage. At this point, the project has been slowed by availability of generators from Caterpillar. The generators are expected to arrive in the February time frame.


DoIT is wrestling with PCI and CALEA requirements that hold the specter of substantial re-architecting and renovation of our campus network. Meanwhile, work on the 5 year plan is on-going. And, this is a heavy Banner/Cognos training period.


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