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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Faculty Senate Academic Support Committee Report

Teaching and Learning with Technology Collaborative – Annual conference

Registration is currently open for the 2006 TLTC annual conference. The Conference will again be held at the North Raleigh Hilton. Dates are March 15-17. The deadline for proposals was October 17. A total of 5 proposals were submitted from UNCP. Proposal review and selection has been completed. This year, as in years past, the Distance Education unit under Dr. Charles Tita has sponsored a limited number of attendees. As of this morning, UNCP has 31 registrants, one behind ECU and 40 behind NCSU.

Blackboard Usage (As of Feb. 8, 2006)

  Fall 2003 Spring 2004 Fall 2004 Spring 2005 Fall 2005 Spring 2006
Total Blackboard Courses 223 276 320 382 443 434
Total Online Courses 54 67 81 78 98 96
Ave Page Views Per Day ~34,500 ~35,000 ~75,000 56,035 34,737 45,033
Total Instructors (unduplicated) 152 173 197 159 200 182
Total Students (unduplicated) n/a n/a 3,710 4,017 4,631 4,535
UNCP Total Enrollment 4,722 4,669 5,027 5,132 5,632 5,336
UNCP Total Courses 1,100 1,124 1,185 819 561 581
UNCP Total Sections 1,631 1,762 1,621 1,319 1,130 1,078


Online Course Management Policy

The UNCP Faculty Senate approved the policy which governs access authority and other logistical issues. The policy now goes to the Chancellor for approval.

Budget Hearings

Provost Charles Harrington has instituted a new budget building process for additions to operating budgets in Academic Affairs. A part of the process includes public hearings so that interested members of the University community can be apprised of priority requests of Academic Affairs units and has an opportunity to question the presenters. The first day of hearings was yesterday, in UC 213. The remaining hearings will be held on Thursday and Friday of this week.


UNCP is considering entering into an agreement with Ruckus, Inc., which would give our students a free music download service. Additional services such as movie downloads, download to portable players, etc. would be for a fee. Following a survey of the student body, the SGA is expected to vote on the service offering at its regular meeting this week.

Business Continuity Plans

We are in our annual campaign to update BCPs for all University business units. Currency of BCPs must be certified annually by the Chancellor and Vice Chancellors.

Staff & Organizational Items

Doug McLaughlin has resigned to accept a position in Colorado. Doug was the primary support person for Human Resources and Cognos ReportNet and will be sorely missed.

All IT staff at UNCP are in the midst of being moved to a new personnel classification system called career banding. Eventually, all SPA employees in the state will be moved to career bands. This process for UNCP IT employees must be completed and certified by the Office of State Personnel before any new or vacant existing positions can be filled – including Doug’s position.

The actual Blackboard section count is 89. However, some instructors combine several course sections into a single Blackboard section.

The ‘average page views’ is difficult to interpret. Daily page views tend to be quite high early in the term and then fall off as the term moves along. We haven’t standardized the time in the term that we take this snapshot. We will begin to take it shortly after the census date.

We are now learning how to frame our request for information from Institutional Research. Earlier data included cross-listings and such.


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