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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Faculty Senate Academic Support Committee Report

Spam filtering

UNCP has contracted with Tangent, Inc. to provide a more aggressive email filtering service. Prior to engaging Tangent, we were filtering roughly 8,000 spam messages per hour. This was obviously not effective enough. Tangent’s service is expected to filter ~98% of the spam, viruses and spyware from email messages coming from outside UNCP.

E-mail Policy

From Maureen Windmeyer: “The University of North Carolina at Pembroke has adopted a policy that all students will have an official e-mail account at the point of admission. It is the student’s responsibility to check his or her university supplied e-mail account in order to stay current with university communications.

And, the University has signed an agreement with GoalQuest to create a communication plan for new freshman. This plan uses email to contact freshman and their parents. Therefore the mailbox for a student account will now be created whenever the account is created. Mail can then be delivered to it at any time. The student will still need to use the account setup page,, to get their username and password. But one will be able to send them mail even if they never log into WebMail the first time.”

UNCP team participates in Orlando conference

Chancellor Meadors led a team consisting of VC Jones, VC Clark, Dean Locklear, and AVC Mitchell which participated in an AASCU/Educause Conference on teaching and learning with technology. The activities focused on how the various generations of our students view and use technology and how that can impact teaching and learning. The UNCP team returned from the conference with an action plan which included, 1) surveying our freshman students to see how they compare in their use of IT to the national statistics, and 2) where we could implement new learning spaces ideas on campus.

Robyn Render Visit

UNC Vice President for Information Resources, Robyn Render, visited UNCP in mid-July to review the status of information technology. She met with Chancellor Meadors, Provost Harrington, a focus group of faculty and a focus group of staff members working on the Banner project. She also met with AVC/IR Mitchell and the leadership of DoIT. Her purpose was to identify strengths and weaknesses in IT deployment and services and make recommendation to the Chancellor and Provost.

iTunes University

UNCP now officially has an Apple iTunes University site. The URL will be but the site is not yet available as the technical security details have not been completely worked out. When the site is available for use, we will inform the campus community. For those who wander what an iTunes University site might look like, check out

An important note: will have both public and private sites. Access to content posted on the private site will require login using your UNCP network login and password. Any one posting content on the public side of must understand the Apple may, by contract, use the content for their marketing and demonstration purposes.

New UNCP Web server

DoIT installed a replacement server that provides services for The new server has increased storage space for web pages. Those members of our University who are authorized upload access to the new server can now do so using the same login and password information that is used to access email and other network services.

In conjunction with University and Community Relations, Physical Plant and the vendor, DoIT has installed two webcams that will give visitors to a live view of some of our campus life.

Surveillance cameras

In conjunction with Public Safety, Physical Plant and the vendor, DoIT has installed 60 surveillance cameras at strategic locations around the campus. The cameras will allow Public Safety to monitor activities in parking lots and other areas and respond with services as needed.


President Bowles has initiated his President’s Advisory Committee on Efficiency and effectiveness (PACE). The committee made up of executives from within the UNC and from the outside business community, is charged with making recommendations on how UNC can become more efficient and effective. The goal is to focus more of our resources on the core functions of teaching, research and service. Under the PACE leadership, the campuses and the General Administration have been engaged since June in the gathering of quantitative and qualitative data to help make business decisions that will lead to a more efficient and effective UNC. The goal is to present these decisions to the next General Assembly as evidence of our commitment to be good stewards of the resources we get from our public. To date, General Administration has cut its budget by 10%, including the elimination of a significant number of senior administrators and projects.

In the words of the PACE committee: “This [IT] is likely to be the biggest system wide opportunity examined by the working groups. Moreover, all the sub-functions do lend themselves to system-wide versus local scrutiny.”

Teaching and Learning with Technology Collaborative – Annual conference

The 2007 Conference will again be held at the North Raleigh Hilton. Dates for the 2007 conference are March 21-23, 2007. Incidentally, Maurice Mitchell is serving as chair of this year’s program committee.

UNC Shared Services Alliance

Tom Jackson has been elected chair of the Board of Directors for this system wide initiative.

Director of Network and System Administration

Kevin Pait has been named Director of Network and System Administration for DoIT. Kevin previously held the position on an interim basis.

Banner HR

The Banner human resources module went live on September 4th. HR self service, the web-based service that lets you see (and edit in some cases) you personal info, is expected to be launched in late fall.

Banner newsletter

Beginning around the beginning of October, University and Community Relations will be publishing a newsletter designed to inform the UNCP community about Banner, the Banner project, what it means to UNCP, and who has been and will be involved in this massive project. The newsletter will be published monthly and will feature perspective and helpful tips.

Clean Access

DoIT launched a new network management service last spring on ResNet. The service checks to verify that a computer attached to the network is current on operating system updates as well as anti-virus and spyware protection. The service is designed to enforce policies that prevent the distribution of internet diseases which clog the network and infect other computers. Until this fall term, staff have been tuning the services and developing procedures without enforcing the policies. Policy enforcement began with the commencement of the fall term. DoIT provides access to OS updates as well as virus and spyware protection. Most student residents have been certified through Clean Access.


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