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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Faculty Senate Academic Support Committee Report

Degree Audit System

DoIT and the Registrar at partnering on completion of the new degree audit system. DARS is slated to go live by October 16, 2007. DARS integration with the Banner Student Information System is nearing completion.  The Registrar is actively testing the minors, majors and once successful will be testing academic concentrations.


Working with the Bookstore and the Givens Center, DoIT is finishing the design of the networking and integrated systems to enable credit card transactions. PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance is a strenuous process with very rigid standards. We are outsourcing this project with DoIT providing oversight. Additional PCI projects kick off in November as we work to enable credit card payment transactions for goods and services on our UNCP website. Many of these projects should be completed by the end of the spring 2008 semester.

DoIT Project Planning

DoIT has been working to identify and schedule projects both in the near term and in the strategic future. Currently DoIT has identified 110 projects included in our project portfolio. DoIT leadership will be sharing those projects with the campus in presentations and in a series of on-going conversations.

Active Directory/Exchange

Networking and Applications staff met with vendors the week of October 1, to begin two major projects for UNCP. Those projects include Active Directory and Exchange. These projects should be completed by summer 2008.

The Active Directory project will change the way users log into their PC and our enterprise systems. It will eliminate the current Novell system and better integrate with centralized storage, enterprise systems, and email.  This is a major initiative that should serve to eliminate extra usernames and passwords and will consolidate our identity store while using Banner as the system of record. Active Directory is also the first step for a new email system for faculty and staff as well as student email.

Faculty and Staff email is the second major project with the implementation of Microsoft Exchange. Implementing Exchange will change the way we do our work by providing tools and processes for efficiency and effectiveness.  All faculty and staff will have centralized calendaring so meeting scheduling is straightforward, eliminating the need for multiple emails gathering potential meeting dates and times. The use of Outlook will be simplified by eliminating multiple inboxes and out boxes for some while providing a centralized address book for all campus email addresses. Users will simply type the person’s name in the address field. Webmail will be replaced with an enhanced web Outlook interface that functions much as the users desktop Outlook along with access to contacts and the campus address book.

Storage Area Network

System operators are in the final design work for a new centralized storage system for Banner and eventually other systems. Called a Storage Area Network, the implementation of a SAN environment will greatly enhance DoIT’s flexibility in meeting the storage needs of enterprise applications and in providing centralized storage for individuals.

Virtual Computing Lab

Client Services is working with NC State and other campus on the implementation of a test project for the Virtual Computer Lab (VCL) project.  The VCL, developed by NC State and supported by IBM provides designated applications to users no matter where they are as long as they have Internet capabilities.  For example, students could assess software such at SPSS or Maple from their home computers and run the application across the Internet without installing that application on their home computers. The hope is the VCL will allow the campus to maximize the use of software licensing while greatly enhancing availability to faculty and students. Project planning has just begun with Client Services taking the lead.


A major wireless project is just getting underway led by Housing and Residential Living along with DoIT Networking staff. Four residence halls have been identified for wireless surveys and for implementation of a wireless infrastructure. The four halls include Oak, Pine, North and Belk.  Project completion will be during spring 2008. Discussions are underway concerning funding for implementing wireless for additional academic buildings. Oxendine is being considered as the next academic building to receive wireless.

Lab Reductions

In accordance with the PACE initiative, the Provost directed the following labs to be closed: Art 119, Commuter, COP, Dial 128, Dial 149, HPER, Oxendine 1258, Dial 239, Education 338, Old Main 247, Oxendine 2202. The 24 Hour lab is currently closed and will reopen in the University Center. The Commuter lab will close in December. The COP lab will reopen in the old 24 Hour lab space. Dial 128 will close after spring 2008. Oxendine 2202 will close after approvals to turn the space into a Science Laboratory. There is no information on when this may occur. Dial 149 is not closing, but gaining 4 computers when Dial 128 closes. The COP lab has reopened in the space mentioned.

Equipment Upgrades

Year-end funds from fiscal year 2006-2007 were provided to several departments for equipment orders. This included faculty computer updates. DoIT has a large backlog of work orders for installation of these orders.  We are working our way through this backlog.


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