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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Academic Support Services Subcommittee Report

Student Email Project:

In an effort to provide students with a more versatile, efficient, and easy to use email application, focus groups are being held to gather information from students on what they need and want in an email product. Currently, Gmail and Windows Live Mail are being compared and discussed, and an online survey is being used to collect feedback. To date, three focus group sessions have been held. Deadline for a product selection is May 1st. Implementation will take place during summer 2008 with roll out to students in fall academic semester.

Blackboard Upgrade:

The campus is moving to BlackBoard version 7.3 for fall 2008 and will be implementing new servers and the infrastructure to support the move. Our “go live” date for development and testing is June 1st. Migration of the campus to version 7.3 is set for early August.

SPARC Task Force on Technology:

Cindy Saylor and Bob Orr are working extensively to assist the Task Force with the upcoming final forum on April 22nd.

Upgrade of Campus Classroom/Lab Computers:

We are currently in the planning stages of upgrading nearly campus classroom/lab computers with Dell machines for the fall academic semester. Availability of funding is uncertain at this point, as the need is over $550,000. We are also looking at upgrading memory in some areas. We are currently prioritizing the list.

LANDesk Implementation:

Currently Client Services is installing LANDesk to all campus desktop and laptop computers connected to the network via the LAN. To date, LANDesk has been deployed to 800+ machines on campus.

HelpDesk Outsourcing:

Client Services is currently in the research and inquiry phase of finding a helpdesk solution for evenings and weekends. Included in this solution would be a dashboard to assist with monitoring and tracking client requests. Funding has been requested in the 08-09 budget to continue the three positions currently supporting Help Desk operations and to outsource the Help Desk after 5:00 pm and on weekends to provide continuous support.


Client Services is preparing to present at and assist with Open House and New Student Orientation events in April, May, and June.


University Relations has begun working on the content portion of iTunes U. DoIT is working with a faculty member to set up a pilot site, which should appear in April.

EMAS/Banner Bridge:

The staffs of Admissions and Applications Development have created a bridge between EMAS and Banner to automate the transfer of undergraduate application data. EMAS is a prospective student recruiting and relationship management application. Though still  in development, the bridge is in active use and has already facilitated the transfer of over 15,000 transactions over 3,000 prospects.

Touchnet Student Account Center:

Applications Development has been working with the Controller’s Office to implement the Touchnet Student Account Center. This will allow students to view and pay bills from Banner online and will eliminate the printing of paper bills.


Applications Development has been working with the Office of Advancement to implement the Banner Advancement module. This is the final Banner module from the original project that began in 2002. Advancement has been delayed due to a number of issues, but has made significant progress in the last six months. Most recently, Advancement has been delayed because of data migration issues related to duplicate records in Banner. The Office of the Controller is assisting Advancement and Applications Development with these issues.

Banner ID/Smart ID:

One of the issues mentioned above involves the use of “smart ids” in Banner, Applications Development and the Controller’s Office are working to convert these “smart ids” to regular UNCP Banner Ids.

Banner 7.5 and ODS 3.2:

Applications Development will install Banner 7.5 and ODS 3.2 in TEST during the week beginning April 7, 2008. It is expected that these applications will move to production on May 10, 2008.

Storage Area Network:

The initial installation phase is complete. We have established a data store for email messages in support of the Exchange project. We have also established a data store for network file storage in support of the Active Directory migration. We are in the process of configuring the processes to backup the data on the SAN to tape.

Backup Project:

The new tape library became functional for production servers during the last week of March. We are now performing daily and monthly backup jobs. We are pleased with the performance of the new system as it is very fast and efficient. We will continue to migrate servers from the old backup system to the new system throughout the summer.

Active Directory:

The new system is now part of the backup routine. Several small departments have been migrated into the new system without any problems. We will continue to manually migrate departmental units into the new system over the remaining weeks of the semester, followed by students during the break prior to Maymester. This transition is transparent to the end user and is a prerequisite to using Exchange and the new file storage solution.

Exchange Project:

This project is progressing normally and is on schedule to entertain very early adopters by April 15. Current work includes finalizing connectivity for Outlook Web Access and Outlook Mobile Access, determining internal and external mail routing, configuring virus scanning, installing and testing mailbox backup and restore, testing migration of data into the new system and testing automatic failover and redundancy.

Wireless Project:

Wireless equipment is being installed in the Oxendine Science building. The estimated go live date for this building has been pushed back to the first week in May. The surveys for Moore and Old Main have been completed and equipment is currently being ordered. The data cabling for these two buildings is currently being quoted and will be installed by the first week in May. Equipment and installation purchase orders have been submitted for Pine and Oak Halls and installation is scheduled for the first week in May.

Virtualization Readiness Assessment:

Statistical data continues to be collected. The meeting to discuss the results of the assessment provide by Dell Computers will be scheduled in May.

Cellular Phone Study:

Meetings with the vendors have been scheduled and formal presentations will occur over the next two weeks.

Primary Data Center HVAC:

A design and proposal have been facilitated through Facilities Planning and Construction. The date for installation of the new system has not been determined at this point but continues to be a top priority as warm days are becoming more frequent.

Virtual Computer Lab:

We will begin a pilot program with the VCL initiative this spring using EvoBeaker and EcoBeaker software in conjunction with Deborah Hanmer in the Biology department.  The project faced some delays on the state level due to contract issues between the University system and MCNC. We hope to use the VCL to make SPSS software more widely available.


DoIT is in ongoing planning with UNC-Greensboro and NC A&T to host the UNC-CAUSE conference November, 2008.

New Faculty Computers:

DoIT is currently compiling lists of new faculty positions and computer preferences of new hires to ensure that the desired equipment is available when new faculty report to campus. Any assistance with this information would be greatly appreciated.



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