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Tuesday, Januuary 13, 2009

Academic Support Services Subcommittee Report

Active Directory:

DoIT expects to complete the move to Active Directory by this summer.  All accounts were moved into Active Directory last spring and Novell Identity Manager has been used to synchronize AD and Novell Directory Services since that time.  Over the holiday break, all lab and classroom machines where moved into Active Directory.

Storage Area Network:

Over the holiday break, all student accounts from moved from the legacy Novell file server snappy to the new SAN.  Student quotas were increased from 40MB to 200MB.  Students still have access to snappy, but can not save new files there.  The new SAN integrates with Active Directory as well.

The Virtual Computing Lab (VCL):

The pilot accessibility and usability test of selected software applications, such as EcoBeaker, SPSS and Dreamweaver, is nearly finished. DoIT has been working with NCSU to implement Shibboleth authentication for VCL and expects to roll out additional packages during the spring.

Student Email Migration Update:

As of December, all new e-mail messages sent to students will be delivered to BraveMail accounts only, including messages sent to the old addresses.  The old addresses will work through the end of the spring semester.  Students still have access to webmail and have until the end of the spring semester to transfer old mail from webmail to BraveMail.  Student email addresses in BraveWeb and the student listserv have been updated with the BraveMail address.  DoIT is investigating ways to update these addresses in Blackboard.

Campus Phone System Upgrade:

In December, the campus telephone system was upgraded to Cisco Unified Communications Solution 6.1.2.  The original system was installed in 2002 and has served consistently since that time.  UNCP was the first University in the North Carolina system to totally convert to VoIP.

DoIT is now finalizing the installation of Microsoft Unified Messaging to integrate directly with the new call managers.  Unified Messaging provides access to voicemail and missed call notification via email, access to email via phone, and additional features.  DoIT expects to begin migrating users to the new system in the spring semester.

The legacy Octel 250 voice mail system has reached its storage capacity.  DoIT is in the process of adding additional storage until Microsoft Unified Messaging replaces the system.

Banner 8.1 upgrade:

During the fall semester, the Banner upgrade, along with all five modules, is being tested and will be moved to the production phase in February. The upgrade process was complete during the winter break.  Also, Oracle was successfully upgraded in November.

IT project management and request systems:

The Applications Development and Support (ADS) has developed a new interactive incident management system to track information technology related projects and converted two frequently used forms to a Web-based electronic format.  These are the Data Processing Request and the Functional User Requirement forms.  Through BraveWeb, department managers can submit and track a work order online, and DoIT is also able to respond in a timely manner.


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