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Tuesday, February 11, 2009

Academic Support Services Subcommittee Report

Email Systems:

Approximately 75% of all email accounts have fully migrated their old email messages into the new system and have been upgraded to Outlook 2007.  We currently maintain 1086 mailboxes with a total of 360GB of mail data. 

Full and incremental backups of email are occurring on a nightly basis providing the granular ability to restore single mailboxes or single mail messages.

Client Services is winding down the migration of faculty and staff to Outlook Exchange and Active Directory. One large academic department and one large functional department will need migrating in March, bringing this project to an end by mid-March (due to absences during Spring Break).

New e-mail messages are now being sent to students’ Bravemail account only.  Access to their Webmail archive will remain throughout the spring to allow them to forward messages they would like to keep over to their new account. Messages addressed to their old account are automatically forwarded to their new Bravemail account, but will cease at the end of the spring semester. 

Office 2007 Rollout:

Client Services has begun migrating the campus to Office 2007 by department. Currently, the Library, Graduate Studies, the Registrar’s Office, Business Services and the History Department PCs have been migrated.  Laptops must be done manually at this time. During this upgrade process, Office 2003 is being removed and Office 2007 is being installed. All classrooms and labs now have Office 2003 and 2007 on the machines. We are allowing classroom and lab machines to run both Office versions simultaneously to allow for students to transition to the upgrade and allow faculty to continue the use of textbook software that requires 2003. Office 2003 will be removed from classroom and lab machines in the summer of 2009.


Three DoIT staff members attended a workshop to learn more about the functionality of the application in order to leverage more return on the investment. LANDesk is the application by which Client Services is upgrading the campus to Microsoft Office 2007.

Active Directory:

All student file storage has been migrated to the new Storage Area Network (SAN).  Faculty and staff individual accounts and departmental shared storage will be migrated beginning now with a target date of June 30 for complete migration.  Early adopters are being migrated to the SAN and will help streamline the process for more aggressive migration as the semester progresses.

Virtual server Environment:

Expansion of the campus virtual environment continues. Three virtual server blades are currently in production with an additional three to be added in the coming months. The virtual server environment provides a highly manageable platform for providing hosted servers for central campus services as well as servers for departmental services.

Telephony and Voicemail:

The upgrade of the new telephony system was seamless and caused minimal disruption.  One result of the upgrade is the ability to control forwarding of phone calls to long distance numbers.  All users now have the ability to forward calls to local numbers and a method of providing the ability to forward calls to long distance numbers was implemented.

Testing of the new voicemail system, unified communications system, continues and two outstanding issues remain to be corrected prior to migration of campus users.  The vendor has created two technical assistance cases to resolve these issues.  Once migrated, users will enjoy the ability to access their voicemail via email clients, receive missed call notifications in their email, and access their calendar and email from any telephone on or off campus.

Faculty Computer Refresh:

DoIT is finalizing the numbers and specifications for the faculty computer refresh. It appears at this time, given the funding appropriation, 72 faculty members are receiving new hardware to meet their computing needs.

Virtual Computer Lab:

The collaboration with NCSU in using their VCL to provide access to software via Shibboleth authentication and online reservations continues.
Training Sessions for January:

  • 3 Blackboard sessions Total attendees = 15
  • 2 Turnitin sessions Total attendees = 35
  • 2 Making the switch to Office 2007 sessions Total attendees = 5
  • 1 Word for Beginners session Total attendees = 6
  • 1 Powerpoint Total attendees = 1
  • 1 Dreamweaver Total attendees = 1

TOTAL:   10 session = 63 attendees

Banner 8.1:

Banner will be upgraded to version 8.1 beginning late Friday, Feb. 20th.  This upgrade was delayed from December in order to complete registration for the spring semester and produce end-of-year tax documents and reports in a timely manner.  This is a major upgrade and includes changes to the underlying database as well as the application.  Banner will be unavailable Thursday, Feb, 26th.  Auxiliary systems such as ODS, ReportNet and Touchnet Student Account Center will be upgraded as well.


DoIT will be supporting the Mary Livermore Library’s implementation of CONTENTdm.  This is a content management system that will be used to store large digital collections.  DoIT will provide server and SAN management for the project.

Banner Self-Service:

DoIT has begun working on two additions for Banner Self Service.  These include:

  • Midterm grades for advisors
  • Exported list of students in a class for faculty

DoIT is implementing a new process for these additions.  This process will enable DoIT to provide access to Banner data without making modifications to baseline Banner.  DoIT has completed analysis of this process and has begun working on the actual scripts to implement the functions above.

Media Center Classroom Support:

  • The classroom sound project for Dial building is complete; all classrooms have a speaker installed to provide greater sound volume in the room.
  • A plan with a funding request has been submitted for Jones to equip six classrooms with projectors and teaching stations.
  • A plan with a funding request has been submitted to equip the classrooms in the Education building with speakers and SMART Boards.
  • Four speakers have been placed and eight more are being installed to finish the classroom sound upgrade for the BA building.  The work is being completed on Saturday or during spring break.
  • A flat panel monitor has been added in Old Main but it has not been hooked to cable because of a bad cable signal.
  • The Media Center replaced six projector lamps in January: 3-in Oxendine, one in BA, and one in Dial.

Other Media Center services:
The Media Center has installed a flat panel monitor in Business Services; installed a projector for the Student Government Association, has provided set up services for 11 departmental workshops; and has assisted six students in preparation for the national teacher’s board.

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