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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Academic Support Services Subcommittee Report

Office 2007 Migration
The migration of the campus to Office 2007 by department is progressing slowly (spring break affected rollout scheduling). A couple of minor issues with pushing out via LANDesk have become evident; we are working on those currently. 35 individuals have had Office 2007 installed via LANDesk, although more have been upgraded manually. All new machines being purchased are being set up with Office 2007 automatically before installation into offices.

Anti-Virus Update
The McAfee anti-virus dat file update has been deployed to 682 faculty and staff machines and 237 lab and classroom machines. This update push was necessary because the McAfee anti-virus update was not running properly and had not updated since February 2nd.

Faculty Computer Refresh
DoIT ordered 69 new machines for the faculty refresh.

OutlookExchange/Active Directory Rollout
Client Services is in the final stage of the migration of faculty and staff to OutlookExchange and Active Directory. One large academic department and one large functional department are being migrated in March, and faculty and staff who missed their appointments are being rescheduled as necessary. The project should be finished by the latter part of March.

Virtual Computing Lab Update
The collaboration with NCSU in using their VCL to provide access to software via Shibboleth authentication and online reservations continues.

Student e-mail
Reminder … new e-mail messages are now being sent to students’ Bravemail account only.  Access to their Webmail archive will remain throughout the spring to allow them to forward messages they would like to keep over to their new account. Messages addressed to their old account are automatically forwarded to their new Bravemail account, but will cease at the end of the spring semester. 

Melanie Jacobs provided the following training sessions in February.
Office 2007 Overview – 3 Workshops    25 participants
Blackboard Advanced – 1 Workshop   3 participants
Turnitin – 1 Workshop        15 participants
Dreamweaver  –  1 Workshop    15 participants  -     3  one on one sessions
Word 2007 For Beginners  – 1 Workshop       6 participants
Advanced Word 2007  – 1 Workshop       9 participants
Excel 2007 Beginner – 1 Workshop       12 participants
Blackboard – 1 workshop for Department      3 participants
Total:    10 workshops;   3 one-on-one sessions;   91 total participants

UNC Financial Institution Transformation (FIT) Project
UNC General Administration started the UNC FIT project several months ago to address issues with financial reporting and ensure uniform processes across all campuses.  The project has five subprojects, each at a different stage of the project cycle.  Most notably, the Payroll subproject will require UNCP and eight other campuses to move payroll processing onto the campus, with some central support provided by GA.  While these projects are led by business offices, the Applications Development and Support unit of DoIT has and will continue to participate in these projects.

Banner 8.1
The Banner 8.1, ODS 8.1 and Cognos ReportNet 8.0 upgrades were successfully completed on Wednesday, Feb. 25th.  The upgrade was quite smooth.  A few individuals have reported sporadic problems, but no major issues have appeared.

As part of the upgrade and testing process, nearly 600 ReportNet reports were migrated from version 1.1 to 8.0.  An additional 700 were copied to 8.0 without testing. 
There was a flaw in the configuration files for the Banner upgrade delivered by the vendor.  While the upgrade is working, UNCP will have to recompile all C programs within Banner as some point.  This will require a short period of down-time.
The Touchnet Student Account Center upgrade was delayed due to an undetermined issue in Touchnet’s data center.  Touchnet resolved the issue and the Student Account Center was available on Monday, March 2nd.

Banner Finance
The Application Development and Support unit of DoIT is gearing up to provide additional support for Banner Finance.  The offices of the Controller and Business Services have identified several issues, including:
reconciliation of Student Accounts Receivable to Finance,
reconciliation of Internet class tuition and fees,
migration of remaining accounts from the legacy Plus system, and
closing of outstanding encumbrances in Banner.

Housing Management Software
DoIT has been working with Residential Life, Business Services and Student Accounts Payable to review housing management software.  This software will enable students to select housing options, choose roommates, manage meal plans, and pay housing fees online.  To date, the group has examined an additional product that will interface with the campus BravesOne card system, CBORD Odyssey, and an offering by Residential Management Systems.  A recommendation is expected shortly.

DoIT has begun implementation of a local Wordpress site with a goal of providing more wide-spread access to the technology.  The database server is operational and work has begun on the application server.  DoIT expects to have a pilot site in operation within a few weeks.

Access Control Software
DoIT has been working with Residential Life, Campus Police and Facilities Management on Access Control Software.  Such a system is currently in use in two residence halls.  Two options are under review.

The equipment for the Mary Livermore Library’s implementation of CONTENTdm has arrived and is being installed.  DoIT will be configuring the SAN and setting up the server for this project during March.

Faculty Self Service Additions
DoIT has a test version of the mid-semester grade addition for advisors in place, and expects to make it available shortly.  Once this project is complete, work will begin on the class list for faculty addition.

UNC Information Security Council
DoIT is participating on the UNC Information Security Council.  This is a new organization formed by UNC General Administration to examine issues and recommend solutions to information security issues throughout the system.

Classroom updates

  • Started working on the Jones Classroom equipment refresh.
  • Switched out a broken LCD projector in the BA building
  • Replaced 5 LCD projector bulbs that were blown
  • Replaced 4 Overhead projector bulbs that were blown
  • Repaired/Replaced 2 broken DVD/VCR combo units
  • Mounted 8 speakers in BA classrooms to help finish classroom refresh

Media Center Services
Provided technical assistance to 16 various workshops/events held on campus and at Comtech facilities

  • Worked with teachers with National Board certification for almost 85 hours
  • Conducted two workshops on Smart Board for campus
  • 58 feet of lamination
  • Equipment Checkout as follows:      
    • Laptop Computers      16
    • LCD Projectors           11
    • Digital Recorders          4
    • Digital Cameras           7
    • TV’s                            3
    • Radio                          2
    • DVD Player                 5
    • Digital Music Player      7


Email systems
Approximately 85% of all email accounts have fully migrated their old email messages into the new system and have been upgraded to Outlook 2007.  We currently maintain 1114 mailboxes with a total of 411GB of mail data.  This is an increase from 1086 mailboxes and 360GB of mail data. 

Full and incremental backups of email are occurring on a nightly basis providing the granular ability to restore single mailboxes or single mail messages.
Active Directory
All student file storage has been migrated to the new Storage Area Network (SAN).  Faculty and staff individual accounts and departmental shared storage will be migrated beginning now with a target date of June 30 for complete migration.  We have been testing and process streamlining for migration of individual administrative accounts and shared folders.  We will test several small pilot groups during the next few weeks to further streamline the process in preparation for full deployment.

Virtual server environment
Expansion of the campus virtual environment continues. Four virtual server blades are currently in production.  This is an increase of one blade into the environment from the last report. The virtual server environment provides a highly manageable platform for providing hosted servers for central campus services as well as servers for departmental services.

Telephony and Voicemail
Telephones did not automatically update to the new Daylight Savings Time.  The system was configured properly for automatic time change updates during the initial install and upgrade to the new system. The problem was identified as a bug in the code. Cisco has released a patch that will resolve the issue.  A temporary workaround was developed and deployed in the interim. 

Testing of the new voicemail system, unified communications system, continues and one outstanding issue remains to be corrected prior to migration of campus users.  We are working with the vendor on the one remaining issue.  Several hours have been devoted to this issue and we are pressing the vendor for resolution.  Once migrated, users will enjoy the ability to access their voicemail via email clients, receive missed call notifications in their email, and access their calendar and email from any telephone on or off campus.

Wireless Networking
Network Services is working with Housing and Residence Life to install wireless networking in Belk and North Halls.  Planning has been ongoing for several months and purchase orders have been processed.  The dorms are scheduled to be outfitted in May as the dorms are vacated following the spring exodus of students in those residence halls.  The project is online for completion by mid June.

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