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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Academic Support Services Subcommittee Report

Applications Development and Support & Enterprise Systems

  1. Banner Upgrades / Patches– The following upgrades of Banner were completed:
    1. Payroll  and Finance and Financial Aid 8.7 in PROD
    2. Install HR patches in PROD, TEST, TBAN8, and PPRD environments
    3. Install Financial Aid patches in PROD and TEST environments
    4. Install AR 8.1.1 upgrade in PROD and re-applied upgrade in TEST
  2. Security Review - Applications continued Banner security review to prepare for an upcoming IT Audit.  Applications processed all security access forms for modifications / new access received from each Data Steward.
  3. E-Procurement integration for SciQuest Higher Markets –   Systems DBA finalized configuration of both the TEST and PROD eProcurement servers.  Systems DBA Generated self-signed certificates and finalized firewall rules to allow Higher Markets connections to these servers.   Applications worked with Sungard on installing the BIFEP (Banner Integration for eProcurement) in TEST.  Applications staff conducted planning sessions with Business Services, the controller’s office, SciQuest and Sungard to develop test scenarios for the connection between banner and UNCP’s HigherMarkets site.  Applications conducted several successful test cases.
  4. EMAS – Applications provided support to Undergraduate Admissions importing online applications from CFNC.  Applications identified and removed data inconsistencies in the CFNC import files so the upload into EMAS was successful.
  5. EMAS-Bridge – Worked with Undergraduate Applications to corrected student data errors that occurred during exporting/uploading EMAS data into Banner Production.  Data Loaded from EMAS into Banner was Student Demographics, Application, High School, MCR, ant test scores.
  6. Banner Test Score Load --  Applications worked with Admissions and the English Department to extract and load student test scores in Banner TEST and PROD environments
  7. EMS System – Applications participated in multiple sessions with the EMS Planning Workgroup.  Applications worked with Client Services in drafting DoIT’s Service Level Agreement for EMS support.  Applications created user accounts for the system.
  8. TutorTrac – Completed the installation of the PROD instance of TutorTrac for the Center for Academic Excellence.  Applications installed TutorTrac on this server, extracted data on summer and fall students from Banner, and loaded this data into TutorTrac.
  9. Blackboard – Switched Blackboard production site from version 7.3 to 9.1.  This entailed moving the IP address from the 7.3 application server to the F5 load balancer and moving the SSL certificate from the 7.3 server to the F5 load balancer.  Setup new IP address, name, and DNS for old 7.3 server.  Generated new SSL certificate for the new name.  Changed 7.3 configuration files to comply with new name and IP.  Monitored Blackboard servers during the fall startup rush, tuned Tomcat application servers and corrected various issues.  Researching issues and problems with the new 9.1 version is ongoing and will continue as new items arise.
  10. Implemented new Banner-Blackboard Interface which automatically creates all courses, and synchronizes the Banner and Blackboard course rosters.  Created initial interface components to deal with combined Blackboard courses.
  11. Banner-PCS Interface – Completed draft specification and most of the coding of the interface.  Additional issues must be resolved to complete the specifications and coding of the interface.
  12. Banner-Equitrac Interface – Completed draft specification and some of the coding of the interface.  Additional issues must be resolved to complete the specifications and coding.
  13. Banner-HMS Interface – Began writing of specifications and testing HMS API.
  14. Banner-Maxient Interface – Completed partial draft of the specification and developed initial queries to extract data from Banner.
  15. Banner Work Study Payroll – Applications attended meetings with UNC GA and campus staff  to develop procedures for work study payroll.
  16. New Student Orientation –Applications reviews, identifies and corrects any student account issues found before each NSO session to help prevent problems for students.  
  17. Bookstore Feed – Applications worked with Financial Aid and the Bookstore Director to identify and make needed modifications to the current bookstore feed in order to minimize errors with bookstore charge accounts.
  18. VM - Installed two additional VMware host servers. Build new cluster with Enhanced VMotion Compatibility (EVC) enable.  Migrated all hosts and VMs to new cluster.
  19. PIER Emergency text Message Registration - Began development of online registration process.
  20. BraveWeb Messaging Infrastructure – Began development of BraveWeb Messaging infrastructure.
  21. Reporting – Applications works with various UNCP areas to create new or modify existing specifications, design, and development of complex reports as requested.  The reports vary in complexity and can have multiple grouping levels, etc.  Below is a sample listing of the  areas requesting reporting for August :
    1. new student placement report
    2. Student Affairs
    3. Report for School of Education
    4. Enrollment Management , VC Jackie Clark
    5. Human Resources
    6. Finance
    7. Financial Aid

Applications Work Orders 153

Departments Work Orders
 Student Accounts 8
 Sociology and Criminal Justice 1
 Registrars Office 6
 Cashiers Office (BURSAR) 1
 Academic Affairs 5
 Advisement &  Retention Office 1
 Business Services Office 5
 Health PE and Rec 1
 School of Education 4
 Campus Wide 1
 Advancement Office 4
 English & Theatre 1
 Student Affairs 3
 Housing and Residence 1
 Student Health Services 2
 Institutional Effectivness 1
 New Student Orientation 2
 Other departments 2
 Facilities Operations 2
 University Relations 1
 Foreign Languages 2
 Budget Office 2
 Chemistry/Physics Department 2

Dawn Albrecht: 68 total work orders
Human Resources, 20 orders; College Opportunity Program, 1

Tammy Locklear: 42 total work orders
Controllers Office, 19; Music Department, 1

Pam Chavis: 17 total work orders
Division of Info. Technology, 12; Police and Public Safety, 1

Jonathan Lowery: 17 total work orders
Financial Aid Office, 10; Academic Excellence, 1

John Hays: 6 total work orders
Undergraduate Admission Office, 10; Arts & Sciences College - Dean, 1

Delores Lowry: 2 total work orders
Enrollment Services, 9; University Center & Programs, 1

Ken Brayboy: 1 total work orders
Admission Office, 8; Counseling & Testing, 1

Associate CIO’s Report

In addition to the activities above, the Associate CIO was involved in the following projects and tasks:

  1. Met the CIO, Assistant CIO and representatives of College of Arts and Sciences to identify technology needs.
  2. Met with Networking Staff and
  3. Met with Equitrac project team to address issues and plan next steps.
  4. Met with Assistant CIO and Director of Network Services to assess issues related to transferring calls or work orders from the Help Desk to Networking and Applications, and develop a formal process.
  5. Met with Client Services to plan implementation of desktop administrative rights to comply with state policy.
  6. Met with Client Services to assess state of Virtual Computing Lab (VCL) and plan updates.
  7. Met with EMS project team to discuss options from EMS implementation and integration.
  8. Met with Information Builders representatives and campus leaders to discuss implementation of WebFOCUS.
  9. Met with representatives of Academic Affairs, Registrar’s Office and International Programs to discuss plans to track English Language Institute students in Banner.
  10. Met with ad-hoc committee developing guidelines to indentify remote users.
  11. Met with HMS implementation team to discuss and plan the Banner-HMS interface.
  12. Met with iTunesU administrator to review site creation procedures.
  13. Met with Assistant CIO, Director of Networking, and Sodexho to discuss technology needs and services.
  14. Met with DoIT leadership to discuss hosting of video interviews of veterans project.

Planning and Budget

James Lewis produced the following podcasts:

  • Produced, Edited & Encoded (5) 30-45 min Podcast.
    780 Minutes
  • Produced, Edited & Encoded (7) podcasts
    1380 Minutes
  • Edited & Encoded 20 Podcasts produced by the instructor
    2400 Minutes
  • Interactive Video Session supported
    • Instructional Events: 31
    • Non-Instructional Events: 13
    • Total Hours: 105:45
    • Class Hours: 64:45
    • Non Class: 41:00

Network Services

Data Centers

  • Upgraded and installed two additional host servers to support the virtual server environment (JT2/3)
  • HVAC issue in Oxendine Data Center – outside vendor called in to service two of three units –repaired successfully – no associated downtime

Telephony/ Email/UM

  • Installed 20 new VoIP phones for faculty and staff.
  • Updated departmental names on phones and updated the global telephone directory
  • We have a total of 870 unified message accounts including individual and shared.
  • We have 97 Shared Email Mailboxes
  • We have a total of 1503 mailboxes
  • McAfee Email Gateways fully operational (JT3)
  • Postini Email archiving setup begun to be implemented by end of September (JT3)


  • Installed a new leg of campus Fiber to the Dogwood building replacing problematic wireless connection for that pod of offices. (JT3)
  • Network switch replacement – has begun will be phased in over the course of the semester
  • Assisted Campus Police with the installation of new surveillance cameras. (JT2)
  • Activated ports and setup phones for the new offices constructed within Dial and education.
  • Setup wireless connectivity for new student orientations.
  • Various networks were created and DMZ interfaces were configured in order to establish a first step toward a true DMZ environment. (JT3)
  • Wireless network adjustments to the transmission power settings were required to eliminate some connectivity issues
  • Some iPad issues were identified and successfully addressed and found to be non-systemic with the UNCP wireless network
  • Network Refresh initiatives are moving forward: (JT3)
  • Distribution switches configured and ready to install in layer 2 fashion.  Layer 3 design will be discussed with campus prior to final design determination (JT3)
  • 10GB core upgrade in place (JT3)
  • Network load balancer in place providing redundancy for new Blackboard servers  (JT3)
  • Network Access Control – Clean Access upgrade installed to replace outdated system with no associated downtime. (JT3)
  • Installed new access control server (ACS) to replace outdated system.  This system controls access to network equipment, Clean Access accounts, and VPN connections. (JT3)

Back to School

  • Assisted the cafeteria in installing three credit card machines through Time Warner network.
  • Addressed unsightly cabling issues in 13 classroom locations  (JT4)
  • Added an extra data cable for easy laptop connectivity in classroom podiums.  33 of 80 completed. (JT4)
  • Assisted bookstore with mobile trailer setup, ensured wireless connectivity in the press box, and tested to ensure telephone connectivity for visiting team broadcast for football game.
  • Repaired phone lines to dorms, credit card machines, fire panels and elevators.
  • Assisted in getting the iNEWS server for WNCP operational again before the semester began. (JT2)
  • Updated ResNet registration system to help automate game system registration for some devices and greatly simply the manual registration process for the remainder. (JT4)
  • Processed 90 network game system requests for students for fall semester
  • Assisted with the network connections for new classroom video conferencing units  (JT2/3)
  • Assisted Math and Computer Science with specifications and acquisition of server and network equipment to be installed in their lab for teaching current Enterprise server and network technologies. (JT2/3)
  • Identified slow Residential network connectivity and resolved issue     

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