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The Division of Information Technology
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May 2011

Academic Support Services Subcommittee Report

DoIT Monthly Report
May 2011

  • Wes Frazier completed Group Policy training online to afford DoIT the ability to provide more consistent and reliable maintenance of campus technologies. He also updated the image which will be arriving on any new machines purchased from Dell.
  • Mike Pruitt held two training sessions for RealVNC, a remote control application that is being deployed on campus computers, and created documentation in support of the use of the software. All new machines, including faculty refresh machines and any machine reimaged recently include this software. Utilizing RealVNC will increase Client Services’ efficiency and response time by removing the need for an office visit for work order reported.
  • Jillena Locklear has been working on a special project to review all inventory being down streamed to DoIT or returned as part of the campus computer refreshes to assess for cleaning and repurposing or for surplus.
  • Liz Cummings and Cassie Manis have completed a customer service survey for roll out in May to assess campus satisfaction with Client Services’ performance on work orders.
  • Cassie Manis was featured on “10 for Tech” demonstrating how to use Google Chrome.
  • Daryl Burgwyn was featured on “10 for Tech” in two segments demonstrating how to use UNCP’s Virtual Computing Lab (VCL). Daryl also provided DoIT support at the Digital Content Consortium on the UNCP campus.
  • Wanda Hunt attended the Digital Content Consortium and the SIGUCCS Webinar “Superstar Student Staff”.
  • Rob Hughes completed two service level agreements (SLAs) with campus departments: the first for Geology and Geography’s lab file server, and the second for International Programs’ file server.  Rob drafted these SLAs based on an established standard, after facilitating the necessary meetings to gather the required data.
  • Client Services staff attending the Chancellor’s Installation include Cassie Manis, Wes Frazier, Mary Graham and Rob Hughes.
  • The official rollout of Windows 7/Office 2010 began in March with the faculty refresh and departmental computer refreshes. Many Client Services staff are part of the installation team including Cassie Manis and Charles Kearney (who are the refresh schedulers), Wes Frazier, Mike Pruitt, Mary Graham, Jillena Locklear, Liz Cummings and BraveTechs Chris Smith, Josh Plummer, Sarah Weatherman, Rachel Dial, Ethan Byrd, Megan Jacobs, and Corry Durham.  The number of faculty refresh setups completed as of 05/03/2011:   55 out of 101.
  • Dell Desktop - Completed 12 of 30 setups
  • Dell Laptop – Completed 19 of 33 setups
  • iMac – Completed 5 of 8 setups
  • Mac Book Pro – Completed 18 of 29 setups
  • Mac Pro – Completed 1 of 1 setups
  • Training
    • Melanie:
  • 1 - Information Security Training - 4 attendees
  • 2 - Blackboard Workshops - 5 attendees
  • 2 - SkyDrive - 12 attendees
  • 1 – Blackboard one-on-one
    • Cassie
  • 1- Honors College laptop essentials orientation one-on-one
  • Work Orders for April 2011
    • Top 5 Requestors:

1. School of Education & Health PE and Rec (20)

2. Nursing (17)

3. Biology & Business Admin. and Economics (15)

4. Math/Computer Science & Sociology/Criminal Justice (11)

5. Trio Program & History (8)

Client Services Areas  Closed Work Orders

Faculty/Staff Services                 168                            
Help Desk Services                        98
Labs/Classrooms                            94
BraveTechs                                  156    
Blackboard Services                      84    

  • VCL Reservation Statistical Information for April 2011:

Total Reservations: 583
Total Hours Used: 719
"Now" Reservations: 534
"Later" Reservations: 49
Unavailable: 0
Load times < 2 minutes: 447
Load times >= 2 minutes: 136
Total Unique Users: 206
Unique Users of VMware Windows XP: 206
Unique Users of VMware Windows 7: 1


UNC Teaching and Learning with Technology Conference
The 2011 UNC Teaching and Learning with Technology Conference (TLTC) was held April 12-15.  Hosted by UNCP at our Second Life campus, the conference theme was "Learning Forward: Teaching Technologies for Engaged Learners."  The conference featured  keynote speaker Dr. Cynthia Calongne, professor of computer science at Colorado Technical University, presenting "The Journey into the New Frontier II," a vision of a future featuring intelligent technologies and a world filled with total immersion and augmented reality.  Fifty-three presenters delivered a total of 41 presentations over three days.  Presenters represented 11 UNC System institutions, NC community colleges, NC K-12 schools, colleges and universities in other U.S. states, and a European university. This is the 12th annual conference since 2000 and a strong forum for networking and the exchange of information about the effective use of technology in teaching methods and learning environments that incorporate instructional and library-based technologies, whether face-to-face or online.  The conference Director is Dr. Anthony Curtis of UNCP’s Mass Communications Department. DoIT representatives served on the planning committee and provided conference technology support.

Document Imaging
The IT Planning and Budget area of DoIT is currently spearheading a project to bring document imaging capability to the campus.  The project will convert paper documents into digital files streamlining and replacing the paper-based distribution and storage process. Open source software, Open KM, has been selected, the servers setup and the software installed.  The project’s initial focus is to convert paper-based processes with more efficient digital processing for Financial Aid and Admissions Offices.  Previously imaged documents from the School of Education have been imported to the system and processes in the financial area are being considered.  Next steps include setting up secure access to the system and the digital documents, establishing imaging stations, and developing policies and procedures.

Interactive Video Gathering
On Wednesday, April 6th, DoIT’s Interactive Video Team hosted an Interactive Video Classroom Open House and Ideation Gathering.  Even though the gathering was for anyone interested using interactive video technologies it was mainly geared towards those scheduling an interactive class or thinking about utilizing interactive video over the fall semester (including guest lecturers or seminars). The goal of the gathering was to educate and bring awareness to this increasingly growing medium for teaching.  Attendance was excellent indicating much interest for engaging interactive video technologies for class activities.

BraveCart (SciQuest HigherMarkets)
Business Services and Applications Development have successfully implemented SciQuest HigherMarkets purchasing system and have nearly completed rolling it out to campus.  This system, branded BraveCart, allows campus users to browse catalogs and submit requests for goods and services online.  Financial Managers and Purchasing Agents can review and approve these requests as well.  BraveCart streamlines the older process in which users had to obtain quotes and wait for an administrative assistant to enter a requisition.  BraveCart integrates with Banner in real time, providing instant verification of purchasing authority and budget availability.  In addition, BraveCart gives more detailed reports on purchasing and allows UNCP to enjoy additional discounts negotiated by the university system without manually verifying these discounts.  Work is already underway on additional modules to implement electronic purchase orders and electronic payments of purchases.

Housing Management System
Housing and Residential Life and Applications Development have successfully implemented CBORD Housing Management System (HMS).  HMS allows existing students to reclaim their current room for future semesters and choose roommates online.  To date, over 800 residential students have been assigned rooms for the fall semester.  Future phases will allow new students to apply for housing and pay deposits online.

Banner Student Billing
The Office of the Bursar and Applications Development have implemented a new process for billing students in Banner.  This process is much more efficient and replaces an older, laborious process.  It positions UNCP to move towards real-time fee assessments.  The new process will provide improved service and is expected to save about $6,000 per year in labor costs.

Media Center
Media Center Services are being merged into DoIT’s Client Services due to the loss of the Media Center Director position.  The University Budget Advisory Committee recommended that the Division of Information Technology (DoIT) reduce its state funding allocations by 10%, a total of $263,689.  General Administration and UNCP budget reduction guidelines recommended merging of services, elimination of middle management, elimination of duplicative efforts, and cost shifting from state to alternative funding as areas to be explored in order to meet necessary reductions.  DoIT followed these directives as reducing personnel was the only way to meet the reduction.  Assistant CIO Cindy Saylor is leading efforts to merge Media Center equipment setup and classroom support services into the Client Services area under an existing classroom support manager.  Equipment checkout activities are moving to the Library and the campus Print Shop will handle many traditional Media Center production activities. Video services are moving to the Interactive Video Facility. The Media Center administrative support associate will be merged into DoIT to support operations to increase efforts concerning account creation/deletion and in tracking access to various systems to ensure audit compliance. 

New Computers and Software Rollout
Client Services is installing 107 faculty refresh computers for the 2011 cycle. This year the process has been streamlined for efficiency to include PC desktops and laptops delivered with a base image and a networked data backup tool to minimize preparation and installation time.  DoIT’s Client Services area is also leading the campus migration to Windows 7 and Office 2010. The rollout has begun with the new software being installed on the faculty refresh computers  and on any new machines purchased by the University beginning March 1st.  Any faculty or staff may request to be an early adopter.  Labs and classrooms will be migrated over the summer.


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