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BraveMail Transition
Division of Information Technology
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Microsoft is requiring a mandatory transition from their Live@edu service (which backs our student BraveMail system) to their new Office 365 platform. This transition will take place during a 72 hour window starting on August 3rd.

Due to the nature of the migration and limitations on us imposed by Microsoft, we do not know the exact time this transition will occur. However, the migration should be over before August 7th (well before Fall classes begin).

Microsoft has informed us that email may be inaccessible to students for one hour during the transition. Afterwards students will have a slightly different user interface and some students may need to update their mobile device settings.

This is limited to student email. Faculty and Staff email will be unaffected by this transition.

Changes Students Should Be Made Aware Of:

  • Students may experience a brief one hour interruption of email access.
  • Any email sent to students during this interruption will not be lost.
  • All email, calendars, and contacts will be preserved during the transition.
  • The student Office 365 email address and password will remain the same as they were in Live@edu.
  • Students can access their email through the same BraveMail link located in BraveWeb.
  • Smart Phones and other mobile devices may stop checking email until their settings are updated. Students can find instructions for updating Android devices here and iOS devices here.
  • Previous SkyDrive files are available, but separated from your Office 365 account. They will no longer be associated with the university and we will be unable to assist you in retrieving said files in the future. Students can find instructions on how to download their SkyDrive files here.
  • IMPORTANT: We recommend that students login to their Live@edu accounts and change their passwords prior to August 3, 2013. This is especially important if they use SkyDrive files, as UNCP will not be able to assist them with access to SkyDrive after the transition. To change their passwords they need to login to BraveMail (through BraveWeb) and click the “Options” link in the top right corner, then select “See All Options.” They should then be able to find a “Change Password” link on the right hand side of the resulting page.



For help students should be directed to the Help Desk or the DoIT website.


Updated: Wednesday, July 24, 2013

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