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Monday, October 20, 2008


Division of Information Technology
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E-mail Outage Update:
Noon Monday

Faculty, staff and students,

Local e-mail has been flowing to faculty and staff since Friday. If you are faculty or staff and are not receiving e-mail, please call the DoIT Help Desk at 521-6260. Your issue may be quickly corrected as it may be a problem with your e-mail address on the Exchange server caused by a typo or capitalization problem. DoIT staff members are standing by to assist.

As for the new BraveMail for students, 3,702 students have begun the process of setting up their new e-mail accounts. Our Help Desk assisted a number of students over the weekend.

DoIT technicians worked all weekend to prepare the Webmail server and its 14,900 plus mail inboxes. If all goes as planned, soon we will remove the throttle on delivery of the e-mail messages that have been stored since last Tuesday afternoon for those users who were not on Exchange at that time. There will be a flood of e-mail once we open those gates.

To help clear the backlog, we are going to devote all the server resources of Webmail to delivering messages. Messages will be coming into your new e-mail inbox, whether OWA for faculty and staff or the old Webmail for students. For students, we will also deliver the message to your old account. We will be monitoring the old server closely to ensure it working to it maximum, but does not become overloaded.

Because all the server resources will be focused on message delivery, you will not have immediate access to your old mail archive on Webmail. Once we see the delivery stream slow a bit we will enable access to the mail archive. Please keep in mind that the number of e-mails that have been awaiting delivery is enormous and yes, includes large doses of our regular spam and phishing e-mails. I wish that we could delete them from the cache, but that is impossible and would only delay delivery of the important mail you need.

Every time, I say we are getting to the end of this issue there is another problem and set-back. Know that DoIT staff members are doing everything possible to restore the server. After all services are restored and things settle a bit, I will ask General Administration Technology staff to review our efforts to ensure our work to restore the e-mail service is transparent to the campus. It will also provide an opportunity to validate excellent efforts, to assess areas needing improvement and to build confidence.

As always, thank you for hanging in there with us during this difficult time.


For more information about the DoIT relocation, please contact the Help Desk at or 521-6260.


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