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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Division of Information Technology
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Bob Orr CIO Update for Spring

Spring semester 2011 has us again implementing new desktop operating systems and new Office systems.   Technology is an area where one can never stay still for long, or in what seems like a blink of an eye, the systems and software you depend upon are obsolete…with no upgrade path!  We’ve had a long successful run with Windows XP but it’s time to step forward into the world of Windows 7.  DoIT will provide the personal assistance, training and tools so together we can continue to be successful with Windows technology.

As I mentioned at the December General Faculty meeting, our contract with Blackboard expires in June, 2011.  Negotiations are underway and at minimum we should be able to work out a one-year extension.  Our goal remains a new three-year engagement.  We’ll keep you posted on this one as it has a direct impact on our core mission of teaching and learning.

We were fortunate to receive funding for a very strong computer refresh for faculty.  In addition, a number of staff members received new computers as well.  This is in anticipation of some very slim budget years head.  Our focus remains on strategic purchases and replacements that will help the university weather an uncertain budget climate over the next several years.  Classroom technology continues to be updated as well.  Will we get everything in place before budget freezes, revision and reversions occur?  No, of course not, but we’ll be a long way down the path.

As I used to say in radio, “and the hits keep on coming.”  That phrase applies to our Application Team.  They continue to hit the mark by rolling out new systems including SciQuest, WebFOCUS Reporting, Odyssey HMS, Financial Aid, AppWorx, Workflow, Royall, EMS, document management, and in the near future DARS degree audit upgrades to uAchieve - all bringing new capabilities and efficiencies to our campus.  We are all going to miss Pam, but at the same time we welcome Myra to our family.  For more information, read the Comings and Goings news page.

Client Services is active in exploring new technologies including classroom assessment clickers, expanded VCL, desktop computer alternatives, while working to improve helpdesk services, student technology support, RESNET support, and support for digital media for both faculty and students.  The new mobile thin-client technology being explored looks very promising.

The Media Center team is revamping services, upgrading facilities, resolving issues, and supporting campus events.  Andrea recently looked at me and said, “Boss man, time flies when you are having fun.”  Knowing Andrea Branch as we all know her, I’ll take that as a compliment that she is liking what is happening.

Networking and Operations have their hands full upgrading our core campus network making it ten times faster, completing server support for several projects,  and putting in automated systems for email archiving, spam filtering and system monitoring.

I’ve never seen our video team this excited.  If you have not engaged them, get them to show you the interactive video rooms across campus. Ask for assistance with a podcast or editing of class materials.  Schedule some time to learn how to integrate classroom technologies into your teaching or get a demonstration of Elluminate, our interactive video conferencing software for the Web. 

We in DoIT are proud to serve and thankful for the opportunity to work with you, our faculty, staff and students.  Together we will meet our campus objectives of student success, institution of choice, and regional engagement - all set in the new normal budget climate.  UNCP can make it happen.

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