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Course Management System

UNCP will continue with Blackboard over Moodle. After months-long discussions and reviews, the final decision has been made.


Project Coordinators:

George Guba
, Instructional Designer, Teaching and Learning Center
Alan PreVatte, Web Applications Administrator, DoIT

As UNC Pembroke faculty look to utilize technology to assist with content delivery, student evaluation, and community building projects, the Course Management System (CMS) utilized by the campus is an important element in the institution’s efforts to serve our students and community.  Dr. Robert Orr, associate vice chancellor for information resources and chief information officer, convened the UNCP Blackboard/Open Source Committee in January 2008 to evaluate open source alternatives to Blackboard. 

The Division of Information Technology (DoIT) is in full support of the most effective means for teaching and learning and has no preference on what Course Management System (CMS) is used to facilitate the process. We concur that a CMS should enhance teaching and learning, and our hope is to work with a product that provides the highest level of user satisfaction with the most minimal requirement of resources.

Following a year long process, which included several presentations to the UNCP campus, pilot courses taught by several faculty members, review of similar processes and decisions on other campuses, and surveys of faculty and students, the Blackboard/Open Source Committee recommends a transition to Moodle.

DoIT is ready to facilitate any change in the way we deliver our courses online. However, we want to verify that the proposed change addresses our users’ needs, is communicated effectively, and is prepared for properly. In order to ensure a collaborative decision, UNCP’s Faculty Senate is asked to consider the CMS decision and achieve consensus. The Committee’s final report has been presented to the Academic Services sub-committee to begin the decision process. DoIT will also sponsor a series of campus events for information dissemination.



Updated: Friday, January 8, 2010


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