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E-Text Reader Faculty Pilot Study

Printable version (MS Word)

E-Text Reader Pilot Study Faculty Volunteers

  • Mark Canada: English and Theatre (Kindle Reader)
  • Tim Hayes: Sociology and Criminal Justice (Sony Reader)
  • Rachel McBroom: Biology (Kindle Reader)
  • Rose Stremlau: History (Sony Reader)

Questions for evaluation:

  1. How easy is it to use?
  2. Is the functionality versus a textbook worth the cost of the reader, the e-text and the learning curve?
    1. Capable of highlighting?
    2. Capable of notes in margins?
    3. Links to definitions, graphs, glossary, etc?
    4. Capable of enlarging font for sight-impairment?
    5. Audio for low or no vision users?
  3. Is the technology of quality material and components?
    1. Withstand wear and tear?
    2. Long battery life?
  4. Would you use this technology instead of textbooks if e-books are available for download? Or, would you prefer a laptop with the same or more functionality, in addition to the computer functionality a laptop affords?

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Updated: Tuesday, August 18, 2009


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