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Telephone Services


Set Up Your Personal VoIP Configulation

Accessing UNCP Personal VoIP Telephone Configuration

  1. Go to “Personal VoIP Telephone Configuration

  2. Enter your User ID (usually this is your last name plus first letter of first name) and “12345” as your initial password.

    Log on

  3. If “No device is associated with” your name, contact DoIT at 6260.

  4. You will see your Welcome screen with the main menu options.


  5. Change your password (we recommend that you use your Octel Voice Mail password)

  6. Change your PIN (we recommend that you use your Octel Voice Mail password)

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IP Phone Services
  1. You can now subscribe to “IP Phone Services” such as a personal address book and fast dials (which are similar to speed dials).

  2. Click on “Configure your Cisco IP Phone Services."

  3. Select “My Address Book” from the drop down list and then click “Continue”.

    IP Phone

  4. Enter your UserID and UserPIN in the corresponding fields and click “Subscribe."

  5. Click the “New Subscription” link on the left and repeat this process to subscribe to “My Fast Dials”. You can also subscribe to any other Services that you wish to subscribe to, such as Weather and Area Code Lookup.

    Subscribe IP


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Personal Address Book and Fast Dials

  1. You can now add a names/numbers to your “Personal Address Book” and “My Fast Dials”. To add names/numbers, click on the “Configure your Cisco Personal Address Book” link on the main Menu page. You can return to the Menu page at anytime by clicking on “Return to the Menu” at the bottom of the page.

    Find Entries

  2. Click on the “Add a New Entry” link to make additions to your Personal Address Book. Enter the appropriate information and click “Insert”. (Note: There is no need to enter a 9 prefix in the phone numbers.)


  3. To add Fast Dials, click on the Fast Dials link at the bottom of the Personal Address Book page.


  4. Click on the entry that of the Fast Dial you would like assign.

    Find Fast Dials

  5. You can either select an entry from your Personal Address Book or enter a directory number for the fast dial by selecting the corresponding radio button. If selecting a Personal Address Book entry, select the phone number for the Address Book from the drop down list. Then click “Insert” and close the window. Repeat the process for more Fast Dial entries.

    Add New

  6. To access your fast dials and address book on your telephone, press the “Services” key on your telephone. Note that you must “subscribe” to these services (see IP Phone Services section above) before you can see them on your phone.
    Speed Dials
    The “Speed Dial” option on the main Menu is for 7960 (6 button) phones and/or sidecars. For 7940 (2 button) phones you can use “Fast Dials”.

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Ring Settings

  1. To change the ring behavior of the lines on your phone, click the “Change the Ring Settings for your phone” link on the main Menu page.


  2. You can now change the ring behavior of your phone by selecting the option you want from the drop down list. Note that one option is for when the phone is in use and the other is for when the phone is idle. Click “Update” when you are done.

    Ring Setting

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Updated: Monday, January 11, 2010


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