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Spam, annoying unsolicited email, is a growing concern here at UNCP and across the globe. We are attempting to address the problem the best that we can. We have contracted with a company, Tangent, to filter as much spam as possible. Remember that it is impossible to catch it all, but you can reduce the amount that you receive by only releasing your email address to trusted sources.

There are additional services that you may setup to enhance and control the email that appears in your Inbox. it is not necessary for you to do this as all email coming to UNCP is scanned for spam, but you will get better results with these steps.

Understanding your UNCP email account

Faculty and staff at UNCP have one account but two email addresses with UNCP, the format and the format. Any email sent to either address is delivered to your one UNCP email Inbox. The format is referred to as your alias and is created to give UNCP personnel a more professional looking email address than the provides. DoIT recommends that you always use the If you have distributed the you will need to create a second account for that address with Tangent.

Students have only one email address -

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Setup an account with Tangent

Go to the Tangent site to create an account. Enter your complete UNCP email address,, and create a password. Tangent will send a modified password to that email address. Repeat for your account, if you wish.

Once you have your password you can login to the service.

To change your assigned passsword select the "PREFERENCES" tab at the top. Select the "Password" choice on the menu. Type in your current password and create a new password.

If you forget your password go to the login page, type your email address in the username field and click the "Create New Password" button.

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[Quar] and [Bulk] messages

Tangent uses a scoring method to determine if messages are spam. If a message receives a high score it is deleted as spam and no notification is sent to the user. If a message receives a higher than usual score it is marked as [Quar]. If the message is sent as a bulk mailing, but is otherwise not scored very high it is marked as [Bulk] and delivered to the user.

The user may opt to have the [Quar] messages delivered or not. Under the "PREFERENCES" tab, "Quartine Settings," select "Yes."

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You can set preference in Tangent under the "PREFERENCES" tab at the top, "Whitelist/Blacklist" on the menu. email sent from addresses entered in the Whitelist will not be analyzed for spam but will be scanned for viruses. email sent from addresses entered in the Blacklist will always be blocked.

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Plug-In to Outlook

Tangent makes a plug-in to Outlook available. It will add two icons to the toolbar in Outlook, a green envelope and a red envelope. When you have a message highlighted in your Inbox and click on the red envelope the message will be deleted and the sender will be identified as a spammer. Clicking the green envelope indicates that the sender is not a spammer. You may set an option to have these addressees automatically added to your whitelist.

To set options for the plug-in, in Outlook, select Tools, Options and the "Spam Firewall" tab.

When the plug-in is installed, it defaults to adding addresses from any email you receive to your Whitelist. It is recommended that you uncheck the option to automatically update the whitelist.

Microsoft's Best Practices to Help Prevent Spam

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Updated: Thursday, January 16, 2014


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