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Download Grades from Grade Center

To download either the full or partial data from Grade Center, first make sure you are in the course you would like to work in and that you have the edit mode set to ON. Go to the Evaluation section of the Control Panel and select Grade Center.

  1. Once in the Grade Center, mouse over the Work Offline button in the Action Bar and select Download from the Action Link (drop-down) menu.
  2. Select Data to Download (Full Grade Center, Selected Grading Period, Selected Column, or User Information Only).
  3. Choose which format you would like to download to (tab delimited is the default and is recommended). When you select a download location, please be sure that it is somewhere you will easily find again.
  4. Select Submit to begin the download process. To end, download the data file to your content collection or computer by selecting Download.
  5. Open the downloaded data file in Excel and enter the grades in either an already created and corresponding column or create a new column (please, do not make any unnecessary changes to surrounding columns) to enter these grades.

    If you create a column in the data file, it will be added to the Grade Center upon upload as a text column with points possible equaling zero (0). You can convert the added column from text to other column types and add points possible by modifying the column after the upload. When you save your data file, make sure the file-type is as it should be (either tab-delimited .txt or comma delimited .csv).

Updated: Wednesday, July 28, 2010


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