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File Saving

Where should I save any files created on the VCL desktop?

There are three options via NetDrive for saving your files on a Windows XP computer:

  1. Your UNCP personal or shared account
  2. Local Hard Drive
  3. External hard drive

I. Your UNCP Personal or Shared Account

  1. Double-click the NetDrive shortcut on the remote desktop to open NetDrive
  2. Click on ‘File’ and select ‘Site Manager’
  3. Select the drive you want to map for saving files: I:/ users folder; J:/ student folder; K:/shared folder
  4. Click on ‘Save’ and ‘Connect’ to access the desired drive.
  5. Close the NetDrive window by clicking on the ‘X’ in the upper right corner of the NetDrive window.
  6. When ready to save a file, proceed as normal when saving, but remember to ‘Save As’ and select the drive letter you mapped above.

Note: You may see NetDrive’s “Quote command returned error" … Ignore the error message as the file did save, but you may want to confirm it.


II. Local Hard Drive through NetDrive:

  1. When ready to save a file to your local C: Drive, you want to make sure you do not save it to the remote desktop C:/ drive.
  2. Proceed to save the file as normal, but remember to ‘Save As’ and select the C:/ drive letter that corresponds to the name of your computer (i.e,, UNCP_DOIT_03827, LENOVO_X301, etc.).


III. External storage device

  • If planning to save files to an external storage unit (i.e., flash drive) then insert the drive before connecting to the remote desktop to verify that the drive is recognized.
  • When ready to save a file to the external storage unit, proceed to save the file as normal, but remember to ‘Save As’ and select the drive letter that corresponds to the name of the external storage device (i.e., SonyUSB, Kingston, etc.).

You will need to map the UNCP account drive every time the VCL is accessed.

NOTE: DO NOT leave your work on the VCL desktop. The blades which are used for the images on the remote desktop are wiped and reloaded after your reservation has completed or your session has timed out. Therefore, any work left on the server is erased or lost. Make sure you save your work to your UNCP user or shared drive, your local computer's hard drive, or an external storage device.


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