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Disability Support Services
PO Box 1510
Pembroke, NC 28372

Phone/Voice: 910.521.6695
TTY: 910.521.6490

Location: D.F. Lowry Building, Room 107
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      All students with disabilities, including those with physical, learning,
Psychological, and medical disabilities, are eligible to apply for special
status, which if approved, allows them to take a reduced course load while
maintaining full-time status. No student applying for reduced load with
full-time status will be approved for less than 9 credits per semester. All
students who wish to apply for this status during the forthcoming semester
must do so no later than 8 weeks into the current semester.
      Incoming students may apply for a reduced course load upon acceptance to the university. They must provisionally register for a full course load, and are
expected to attend those classes until the change in status has been
approved. Applications for students who enter after the initial freshman
registration period and who wish to apply for a reduced course load will be
reviewed on an individual basis. The approval of these applications may be
deferred to the following semester, due to the late application date. Every
attempt will be made to accommodate these requests.
      Current students who wish to apply for this status change mid semester are
considered special case circumstances. These applications will be reviewed
individually and the approval of these applications may be deferred to the
following semester, due to the late application date. Every attempt will be
made to accommodate these requests.
      All requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Academic, Institutional and External Requirements for Eligibility

1. Reduced Course Loads for students with full-time status (hereafter RL/FT
students): RL/FT students, to have an effective course load, must register
for at least nine credits for the semester. An effective course load is
defined as one-half the credits of all semester-long courses plus the total
credits of all demi-semester courses. They must register for four credits
and not more than six credits per demi-semester .

2. Maintaining Satisfactory Progress: To maintain satisfactory progress
toward a degree, RL/FT students must pass a minimum of six credits during a
regular semester and average no less than fifteen credits passed during any
two consecutive regular semesters.

3. Students approved for reduced loads with full-time status are eligible
for specific honors designations with certain provisions.

4. RL/FT students given approval for reduced loads, provided they maintain
at least the minimum number of credits, are entitled to all the housing and
service benefits enjoyed by full-time students.

5. RL/FT students will be billed as full-time students. All regular charges
will apply.

6. The reduced credit load will result in an adjusted financial aid package.
Within the limits of Federal and State financial aid regulations, every
effort will be made to protect RL/FT students from incurring additional

7. Federal Stafford Loan Eligibility: Eligibility will be reduced according
to the total number of credit hours taken in the full academic year. A
RL/FT student must be at least half time in a semester (six credits) in
order to receive a Stafford Loan.

8. Federal Pell Grant Eligibility: Grants are prorated based on the number
of credit hours taken. A RL/FT student can take as few as three credit
hours and still be eligible for a Pell Grant.

9. State of North Carolina Legislative Tuition Grant and North Carolina
Contractual Scholarship: These will be awarded to students taking a reduced
course load, but who maintain their full-time status because of a recognized

10. UNCP Institutional Aid: Institutional aid is reserved for all
students having full-time status, including those with approval to take a
reduced load for reasons of a disability , provided the load for the semester
does not drop below nine credits. This applies for merit, need-based, and
athletic aid. Eligibility requirements remain in place for all students
including those with reduced loads. RL/FT student athletes are subject to
NCAA restrictions noted in #13.

11. Financial Assistance from the North Carolina Division of Vocational
Rehabilitation: Assistance is limited to what is required to achieve the
educational credentials for the vocational goal and is usually restricted to
four years. However, the Division does recognize that factors related to
the individual's disability or general life situation may interfere with
full-time attendance. In such situations, with appropriate justification,
part-time attendance may be authorized. RUFT students from outside North
Carolina should check with their state's Division of Vocational
Rehabilitation concerning policies.

12. Institutional Student Health Insurance: RL/FT students will be able to
obtain health coverage through the institution. However, they will be
required to pay the same amount as regular full-time students and they must
meet all other eligibility requirements.

13. National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), Division II: Regulations,
Section states: "The Academic Requirements Committee may waive the
general satisfactory progress requirements for a learning disabled or
handicapped student athlete when objective evidence demonstrates that the
institution has defined full-time enrollment for that student athlete to be
less than 12 credit hours to accommodate the student's learning disability
or handicap." At UNCP a committee on student academic status,
chaired by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, functions as the
"academic requirements committee."



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