Brave Bulletin
Black Line Volume 6
January 15 , 2004
No. 11
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Dr. Curtis honored by American Library Association

Anthony CurtisSpace Today Online (STO), a web site published by Professor Anthony R. Curtis, has been selected by the American Library Association (ALA) for inclusion in its Great Web Sites for Kids.

"This is a prestigious award and I feel very honored to be chosen," Dr. Curtis said. He is professor of Mass Communications.

Curtis’ not-for-profit web site is at The American Library Association's Great Web Sites for Kids page is located at Space Today Online is in the section on Sciences - Astronomy and Space.

Great Web Sites for Kids is managed by the Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC), a division of the American Library Association.

Dr. Curtis founded Space Today as a print newsmagazine in 1986. In 1994, it migrated to online publication as Space Today Online (STO). During 2004, the publication is in its 18th year.

Space Today Online“My mission is to provide accurate information on human activities in and about space — past, present, and future,” Dr. Curtis said. “I interpret this broadly, to include such areas of human knowledge as space science, space history, space research, space flight, Solar System exploration, Solar System astronomy, deep space astronomy, and cosmology. Thus our slogan, ‘Covering Space from Earth to the Edge of the Universe.’”

STO is a definitive news, information and education site dedicated to space science, astronomy and related subjects. By communicating the record of human understanding of, and enthusiasm for, human space research and travel.

Space Today Online has become a trustworthy historical journal of human space activities to the point where STO receives a steady flow of emailed questions from students who want to understand how space works and what lies beyond Earth.

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