Brave Bulletin
Black Line Volume 9
April 15, 2008
No. 16
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University Medallion awarded to full professors

Dr. Anthony Curtis

The University of North Carolina at Pembroke awarded the new University Medallion to all full professors at a March 31 banquet.

Professor, know colloquially as Full Professor, is the highest rank in academia. The lower professorial ranks are associate professor and assistant professor.

This is a complete list of all who received the honor: Dr. Collie Coleman (Outreach), Dr. Bill Gash (Academic Affairs), Dr. Linda Oxendine (American Indian Studies), Janette Hopper (Art), Dr. John Labadie (Art) Ralph Steeds (Art), Dr. Andy Ash (Biology), Dr. Bruce Ezell (Biology), Dr. Bonnie Kelley (Biology), Dr. David Maxwell (Biology), Dr. Peter Wish (Chemistry), Dr. Jose D’Arruda (Physics), Dr. Thomas Dooling (Physics), Dr. Paul Flowers (College of Arts & Sciences), Dr. Timothy Ritter (Chemistry), Dr. Nancy Barrineau (English), Dr. Monika Brown (English), Chester Jordan (Theatre) Dr. Virginia McClanahan (English), Dr. Dennis Sigmon (English), Dr. Shelby Stephenson (English), Dr. Patricia Valenti (English), Dr. Richard Vela (English), Dr. Thomas Ross (Geography), Dr. Tommy Thompson (Health, PE & Recreation), Dr. Joseph Oxendine (Physical Education), Dr. Robert Brown (History), Dr. Weston Cook (History), Dr. Kathleen Hilton (History), Dr. Elinor Foster (Library),
Dr. Anthony Curtis
The medallion signifying Professor, the highest rank in academia
Dr. Anthony Curtis (Mass Communications), Dr. William Campbell (Mathematics & Computer Science), Dr. Joseph Goldston (Mathematics & Computer Science), Dr. Larry Arnold (Music), Dr. Janita Byars (Music), Dr. Beth Maisonpierre (Music), Dr. Jeffery Geller (Philosophy), Dr. Merrill Miller (Religion), Dr. Daniel Barbee (Political Science), Dr. Nicholas Giannatasio (Political Science & Public Administration), Dr. Elizabeth Normandy (Political Science), Dr. Robert Schneider (Public Administration), Dr. Elizabeth Denny (Psychology), Dr. Steve Marson (Social Work), Dr. John Bowman (Sociology), Dr. Norman Layne (Sociology), Dr. Mario Paparozzi (Sociology & Criminal Justice), Dr. Rasby Marlene Powell (Sociology), Dr. Rick Crandall (Business), Dr. Eric Dent (Business), Dr. Ramin Maysami (Business), Dr. Michael Menefee (Business), Dr. John Parnell (Business), Dr. Ed Powers (Business), Dr. Craig D. Shoulders (Business), Dr. Christopher Ziemnowicz (Business), Dr. Irene Aiken (Education), Dr. Betty Brown (Education), Dr. Charles Jenkins (Education), Dr. Zoe Locklear (Education), Dr. Willie McNeill (Education), Dr. Lawrence Schultz (Education) and Dr. Glen Walter (Education).