Brave Bulletin
Black Line Volume 7
May 1, 2006
No. 16
Black Line
Black Line

Dr. Curtis a judge in 2006 Apple Scholars program

Dr. Anthony Curtis

Apple Computer invited Dr. Anthony Curtis (Mass Communications) to be one of 15 judges nationwide selecting the Apple Scholars' class of 2006.

The Apple Scholars program celebrates student achievement and rewards college-bound high school seniors who demonstrated the ability to think differently. This year, 10 students from across the U. S. will be selected based on each student's innovative use of technology in academics.

Apple receives more than 1,000 applications a week. Since 2000, Dr. Curtis has been an Apple Distinguished Educator. Apple describes the ADE program as a global community of educational leaders focused on excellence and leadership. Dr. Curtis is one of two ADEs in higher education in North Carolina.

Dr. Curtis received one of UNCP's iPods for use in teaching, scholarship and/or University service grants.