Brave Bulletin
Black Line Volume 7
July 1, 2005
No. 1
Black Line
Black Line

24th edition of Professional Profiles published

Professional Profiles cover Spring 2005

Students in the Department of Mass Communications have published the 24th annual edition of the Professional Profiles magazine.

"For all those years, the magazine had been black-and-white, and it had come to have a dated look," said Dr. Anthony Curtis (Mass Communications), project supervisor. "This year, the publication was redesigned cover-to-cover, and four-color reproduction was added throughout."

The spring 2005 issue of the print magazine was written, edited, laid out, produced and circulated by students in the feature writing, photojournalism and computer-assisted editing courses.

"Each student in the feature writing course interviewed a member of the faculty or administration and wrote a feature article profiling their person," Dr. Curtis explained.

"After rewrites, the perfected articles were turned over to the computer-assisted editing and publication design class, which composed the pages," Dr. Curtis said. Ms. Sara Oswald (English) was instructor of that class.

"As you can imagine, a great many faculty members and administrators have been profiled during the 24-year run of this magazine," Dr. Curtis pointed out. "More than 100 in just the last six years for which I have records."

Sampson-Livermore Library has a complete run of Professional Profiles from when publication began in fall 1981. The magazine was published in the fall and spring of each year until fall 1985. Nothing was published in 1986, but annual publication resumed in spring 1987, according to Susan Whitt (Library), coordinator of acquisitions and collection development.

"We're very grateful to the Office of Academic Affairs for their continuing support of this significant experience for our students," Dr. Curtis said.

The 10 faculty members and administrators profiled this year were Lee Phillips (Geology), Leslie Hossfeld (Sociology), Robert Canida, II (Multicultural and Minority Affairs) Steven Bourquin, (Mathematics), Judy Curtis, (Mass Communications), Frederick Stephens (Social Work), Patricia Fields (GPAC), Kim Gunter (English) Mark McClure (Chemistry) and Kathleen Hilton (Graduate Studies).

The students who researched, interviewed, wrote and edited the feature articles were Scott Ammons, Brian Beck, Cassie Blackard, Elizabeth Butler, Robin Connolly, Sha’Lace Gregg, Dart McAdoo, Michelle McLean, Kyle Orozovich, and Jimi Wilson.

The computer-assisted editing and design students who prepared the magazine pages were Jeshannah Ayala, Allen Barfield, Davina Gilbert (Student Affairs), Barbara Gushrowski, Michelle McLean, Cindy Saylor (Library) and Mark Schulman.

The spring 2005 magazine is in print and also is available as a large PDF file online at