Brave Bulletin
Black Line Volume 7
July 1, 2005
No. 1
Black Line
Black Line

UNCP's first online magazine unveiled

Dr. Anthony Curtis

Brave News World is the University's first online magazine that is conceived, designed and published by students.

The general-interest magazine is the product of a new course in the Mass Communications Department called "Online Journalism." It was developed and instructed by Dr. Anthony Curtis (Mass Communications) for the first time in spring 2005.

"This was not a journalism course taught online as one might guess," Dr. Curtis explained. "Rather, this course was taught in a 'smart' classroom in Old Main."

"It's all about what we call a convergence program, which presents new career opportunities for students," he said. "Convergence is about melding print and broadcast media into something new on the Web."

The magazine cover, sections and pages were conceived and designed by students in the course. Article topics were chosen and reported by the student writers.

"The course gave them the opportunity to learn about online journalism and to create media for the Web," Dr. Curtis said. "Students did all of the conception, design and writing."

"Brave News World is a first," he said. "This is the first entirely online magazine for UNCP."

For the spring 2005 issue, the students chose to include magazine sections about fashion and accessories, food, health, humor, international faces, movies, music, shoes, sports and technology. They targeted a global audience.

"Each semester, the incoming class will conceive the sections they want and write for the continuing magazine," Dr. Curtis said. "This first group wanted to do a general-interest magazine. Others may want other thrusts."

"I expect lots of new sections and articles to be added when the online journalism course is taught again in fall 2005," he said.

Journalism major Adam Fenwick directed the project as managing editor. He also will be managing editor of The Pine Needle student newspaper in the 2005-2006 year.

The spring 2005 Brave News World magazine is available only online at:

For more information about the course Online Journalism or the new online journal, please contact Dr. Curtis in the Mass Communications Department at (910) 521-6616 or email him at