Brave Bulletin
Black Line Volume 9
July 1, 2007
No. 1
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Black Line

Apple recognizes Dr. Curtis' work

Dr. Anthony Curtis

Apple Inc. recognized Dr. Anthony Curtis (Mass Communications) as one of the most active members of its Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE) program.

Apple hand picked ADEs for membership in its global community of innovative leaders in education focused on excellence and leadership, and Dr. Curtis has been an ADE since 2000.

Among his recent activities, Dr. Curtis was one of 15 judges nationwide in the 2006 Apple Scholars program, which celebrated student achievement and rewarded college-bound high school seniors who demonstrated the ability to think differently. Ten students from across the U.S. were selected based on each student's innovative use of technology in academics.

Dr. Curtis also participated in the UNCP grant for "iPods in Teaching, Scholarship and University Service," using podcasts in his online course, "Media and Politics," in fall 2006. He has supported UNCP’s role as an iTunes U campus.

Maxx Judd, Apple Education senior manager for advocacy programs, told Dr. Curtis, "We've been watching the journal reports and are simply amazed at the time and dedication you put into your role as an Apple Distinguished Educator.

"A huge thank you from the entire team at Apple Education," Judd continued. "Your efforts make Apple's education advocacy program the best on the planet and most importantly you are positively impacting teachers and students across the globe. We're so happy to consider you one of our Distinguished Educators!"

Dr. Curtis advises the editors of The Pine Needle student newspapers on their podcasts and blogs.

Dr. Curtis, along with Dr. Judith Curtis (Mass Communication), represents UNCP in the North Carolina Consortium on Distance Education in Journalism and Mass Communication.

Dr. Curtis's Web site Space Today Online is in the collection of the National Science Digital Library, the National Science Foundation's online library of resources for science, technology, engineering and mathematics education and research.