Brave Bulletin
Black Line Volume 10
July 1, 2008
No. 1
Black Line
Black Line

UNCP represented at consortium on distance education in journalism

Anthony Curtis
Tony Curtis

Judith Curtis
Judy Curtis

Drs. Anthony and Judith Curtis (Mass Communication) represented the University at a meeting of the North Carolina Consortium on Distance Education in Journalism and Mass Communication on June 6 at the Freedom Forum Conference Center of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Consortium members discussed their distance learning programs and brainstormed new ideas for delivering journalism and mass communication content via distance education.

Dr. James Sadler, associate vice president for academic planning for UNC General Administration, reported to consortium members on statewide distance education initiatives including the UNC Online and inter-institutional registration.

Dr. Judy Curtis described the 11 courses offered online in recent years by UNCP's Mass Communication Department.

They included: Introduction to Mass Communication, Media Law and Ethics, Mass Communications Theory and Research, Media and Culture, Media and Society, Media and Politics, Writing for Media and History of American Journalism.

Other classroom courses blended with online elements included Online Journalism, Investigative Journalism and Photojournalism.

Dr. Anthony Curtis displayed a "machinima" video depicting the virtual world Second Life campuses of UNCP, UNC-CH, UNC-Charlotte, and NC State, which inspired a lengthy discussion of new media techniques and practices in professional journalism and public relations, and the use of virtual worlds for distance education venues.

Consortium members agreed that Internet educational practices are moving beyond the old static Web 1.0 sites to more stimulating and interactive Web 2.0 sites. Consortium members spoke of Second Life as a more inspiring and invigorating neighborhood for teaching than older Web 1.0 systems such as the Blackboard course management system.

Dr. Anthony Curtis told the consortium of his teaching and use of such new media tools as blogs, wikis and content-sharing sites for videos and still images. He also discussed digital storytelling, machinima and social networking, including bookmarking and tagging.

"This spring semester, my students created wikis and blogs to share data with their audiences and used Flickr and YouTube to display their creations," Dr. Curtis said. "That was in addition to the traditional Web sites they have become accustomed to building in most of my classes."

Dr. Curtis has explanatory materials on his faculty Web page under the heading "New Media, Virtual Worlds and Social Networks" at this URL: