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a magazine with a point of view
The Brave News World issues:

What's Going On Here?
Coming June 15, 2013
BNW Number 9: Spring 2013

A Virtual World Uncovered
BNW Number 8: Spring 2012

Inside The Second Life
BNW Number 7: Fall 2011

Avatar: The Second Life
BNW Number 6: Fall 2010

Behind the Looking Glass
BNW Number 5: Spring 2009

Second Life With Fresh Eyes
BNW Number 4: Spring 2008

A Guide to Second Life
BNW Number 3: Spring 2007

BNW Number 2: Fall 2005

A New General Interest Magazine
BNW Number 1: Spring 2005
Point of view:
    The perspective from which a story is told.
    The way an author chooses to tell a story.
    The vantage point from which a narrative is told.
    The angle from which the viewer sees an object.
    The story from the perspective of the person doing the speaking.
Brave News World is a magazine with a point of view produced for the Web by students in Online Journalism (JRN 410) led by Professor Anthony Curtis, Department of Mass Communications, University of North Carolina at Pembroke. The theme, cover, sections and pages of each issue are designed by students in the course and the article topics are chosen and reported by the individual students who write them.