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Hazardous Materials  Bryan Stewart

While most students see the trains passing through Pembroke as little more than an inconvenience, many of those same train cars carry materials potentially detrimental to the campus. Until 2008, spent fuel rods were shipped through Pembroke on their way to a radioactive storage facility...

Disease: Flu & Mold  Megan Quinlan
Disease: Bird Flu  Megan Quinlan
Disease: STDs  Megan Quinlan

There were 17 different kinds of mold within the Dial building and it was closed off days later. The mold problem was caused by poor construction and rain seeping through the windows and down the walls of the building. The building was closed off for the next year...

Technology: The Network  Christian Felkl

Crash! There goes the network and all of your personal information. Its not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when said, Bob Orr Associate Vice Chancellor for Information Resources...

Personal Freedoms: Rights  Hannah Simpson
Personal Freedoms: Protections  Hannah Simpson

Students may be poised to lose another of many already regulated "rights" belonging to U.S. citizens following racist remarks against President obama in the Freedom of Expression tunnel at NC State University.

Weather: Hurricanes  Brad Crawford
Weather: Commuter  Brad Crawford
Weather: Rain Sports  Brad Crawford

“It sounded like a freight train coming at my ear,” Pinchbeck-Teets said. “I didn’t know what was going on and my classmates were frightened by the noise.” Mary Alice Pinchbeck-Teets remembers the horrific sound outside the window...


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