Spring 2010

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Geological mystery could cause campus flooding
by Jon Baez
A geological phenomenon combined with poor drainage in the Pembroke area may account for major flood damage...

Ripping off the cafe
by Wade Allen
A disabled door alarm allows up to 30 people a day to enter the cafeteria without paying...

Current levels of Parkton well water contaminants unknown
by Abbigai Overfelt
Residents of Stonewall Court wonder about the nitrates that once led to deaths of their animals, their own bladder problems and even one miscarriage...

Recycling at UNCP evolves as the campus community takes part
by Tiffany Schmidt
Since UNCP rolled out single-stream recycling program, the University has recycled more than 50 tons...

Well water vs. county water
by Octavia Hill
Robeson county residents have drunk contaminated water for years...

UNCP female athletes search for equality
by Matthew Smith
Many are wondering when female athletes will have a fair shot at succeeding on the field...

Social Media: Not as innocent as it seems
by Glenn Goldbaugh
College students who use social media are being increasingly tripped up by their social media content as they enter the job market...

Refund check disbursement
by Robert Kelley and Jason Huff
Tired of waiting a month for your refund check? Well, you don't have to anymore...

Student drinking under reported by University
by Kayla Pearson
UNCP makes sure to keep the school out of (alcohol) statistics by under reporting the issue...

Drug use in professional wrestling continues to rise
by Kayloni Wyatt
Many professional wrestlers resort to drug use to make a name for themselves...

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