Spring 2011
Lumbee Hall cover shot
cover photo by Grant Merritt

Students and staff disagree on reasons:
Lumbee Hall service quality issues remain

A Quality of Service Investigation of Lumbee Hall
by Grant Merritt

UNCP's campus has one central administrative building – Lumbee Hall, home to the Chancellor's Office, Student Affairs, Academic Affairs and the Provost's Office, Human Resources and the Payroll Office to name a few.

Among the offices are four that come into contact with students and in-coming students on a daily basis. They are the Registrar, Student Accounts/Cashier, Financial Aid and Undergraduate Admissions offices.

As Lumbee Hall handles the money, the schedules and the acceptance of students, the quality of performance reflects the efficiency of a growing university.

Students, faculty, staff and parent have differing opinions about the quality of service they receive from those four offices at Lumbee Hall, but that is only half the story. The directors and staff at Lumbee Hall have their own take as to how they perform and how they serve students.

Here's how students and staff feel about the quality of service . . . (read the rest of the story»)


Quality of Service
The main story . . .

Registrar's Office
Dropping and adding courses . . .

Cashier's Office
Collecting money from students to pay their balances . . .

Financial Aid Office
Having enough money to cover the balance . . .

Admissions Office
Reaching out and accepting students . . .


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