Spring 2012

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  • A football player goes for a tackle
    by Nick Phillips
    Two players collide. The coach thought it was just another hit that his player could shake off . . .

  • Is Adderall the smart drug?
    by Shannon Angry
    What if you could take a pill that made all of your exams and project worries fade away . . .

  • Homelessness is growing in North Carolina
    by Will Wade
    Dwayne Locklear never dreamed as a child that one day he would be homeless and addicted . . .

  • The changing faces of UNC Pembroke
    by Alexis Prine
    Robeson County was a tremendously different place two centuries ago . . .

  • Sexually transmitted diseases are at UNC Pembroke
    by Ashley Williams
    Chlamydia is the most common STD that we see on campus. Trichomoniasis also is common on campus . . .

  • Intimate partner violence injures more women
    by Danielle Hairston
    Yeardley Love was a student at Virginia beaten to death in her bedroom by her intoxicated boyfriend . . .

  • Making the right contraceptive choice
    by Hillary Akers
    Nearly two-thirds of the 62 million U.S. women of childbearing age use contraceptives . . .

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    The topics of these articles by students in the Investigative Journalism (JRN-4600) class in the Department of Mass Communication at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke have been chosen by the individual class members who wrote them. The themes, covers, sections, pages, images, graphics, videos, wikis, tweets and blogs have been designed, prepared, managed and moderated by students in the course and the themes and article topics have been reported and illustrated by the bylined individuals. Views implied or expressed in these issues are not endorsed by the professor, the department, the university, or possibly anyone else. We are grateful to those persons, agencies and institutions that have graciously provided information and images for these editions. Your comments on this series of articles are welcomed by Professor Anthony Curtis who may be contacted via e-mail at acurtis@uncp.edu or by phone at (910) 521-6616.